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Disabuse – Death Machines

This is not a new band trying to catch the sound of those glory days. This is a band that was making crossover thrash (my favorite variety) in those glory days.

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Pyrolatrous – Teneral

There is so much going on with this album that it takes repeat listens to really dig in, but those repeat listens are so worth it.

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Caïnan Dawn – F.O.H.A.T.

Patient is a key word here, for as much as F.O.H.A.T. is built on a foundation of chaos, they approach the topic with a great deal of patience, exploring the murky depths and twisting by-ways.

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George’s List Before “The List”

Rage and Frustration Heavy Metal Reviews and Interviews LIST SEASON!!! George presents to us, his List Before “The List”. Soon, his List will follow. The List before the “List” is a collection of random best and worst things related to music in...

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Starsoup – Castles of Sand

It’s interesting to discover the transformation these very “Western” influences undergo through the able chops and respectable voice of a musician from Moscow, (whose vocal similarity to James Hetfield once landed him a job in a Metallica tribute band).

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Kremlin – Kremlin

A bloke named Geezer and his mate Tony surely showed up on ‘Lizards’, and the final song ‘World Is Coming Down’ could sit quite comfortably on the opening scene of Apocalypse Now. Amazing.

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