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Recorrupter Interview at Mac’s Bar – 7/25/19

Back on July 25th, we made the short trip over to Mac's Bar in Lansing to interview the rising extreme metal band Recorrupter. The quintet gave us a great interview and then tore the venue apart with their incendiary live set. Find both below in addition to a bonus...

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Wednesday 13: Invades and Infects

Music is known to encompass the mind and connect to the audience, and here to enhance it further is the band Wednesday 13.  By igniting the audience’s imagination, Wednesday 13, like a painter, has used music as the canvas for the stories being portrayed both on stage...

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Suhnopfer Interview

Ardraos: ” I’m just trying on my humble level to perpetuate deep tones and a musical emulation that rises on the foundations of the 90’s with an own personality, unlike the thousands of clones of the first Nordic groups, or those trying random experiments, which just pull the scene down.”

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Lords of Acid Bring the Kink

 For over 30 years Lords of Acid have been mixing electronic, metal, rock, pop, industrial...hell pretty much every type of music there is together, and giving it their own twist. Sin Quirin(guitarist) told MPN “If you took the soundtrack to every strip joint,...

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Interview – Void Rot

If you haven’t heard of Void Rot, the psyche consuming MinnDeath project from Minnesota, you’ve probably been living in a cave somewhere.

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Interview – Lago

An interview with Cole Jacobsen (guitars, vocals) of the Arizona dissonant death metal outfit Lago. Full support for Cole’s final statement…both parts.

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