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Jons Untitled Podcast Weekly podcast where I sit down with friends and strangers alike and discuss a variety of topics.

  • Brandan Schieppati (Bleeding Through)
    by Jon Beatty on May 20, 2018 at 2:04 pm

    Brandan Schieppati of Bleeding Through is this weeks guest. Brandan joins me to discuss the bands newest album, Love Will Kill All. What got the band back together, the current state of the metal scene. Why a lot of the older bands are coming back. Making changes as a band and being comfortable in who you are and how that has equated to the perhaps the best Bleeding Through album to date. Intro Song: "Ambition" and "Chin Ups" by Chae Hawk Outro Song: "Fade Into Ash" by Bleeding Through Links: Facebook: @bleedingthrough, @moshpitnationwestMI, @jonsuntitledpodcast Instagram: @brandanschieppati, @bleedingthrough, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpodcast Twitter: @BSchieppati, @bleedingthrough, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpod Website: Email: […]

  • Adam Morgan (Hopesfall)
    by Jon Beatty on May 13, 2018 at 9:01 pm

    This week is a special week as I have not one, but two guests on this episode. I have Daniel Terry of Discography Discussion on to cohost my chat with Adam Morgan of Hopesfall. Dan and I go through Hopesfall's career with Adam and find out what it was like being one at the forefront of a new trend in heavier music, as well as the shift the band took going into A Types. We talk Adam leaving the band, and find out how the reunion in 2011 came to be, as well as how this new Hopesfall record came to be. A little bit about collecting vinyl and SO much more. Intro Music: "Ambition" and "Chin Ups" by Chae Hawk Outro Music: "Dirty Jazz" by SHINER Links: Instagram: @purgeb4ubinge,@hopesfall, @disgography_discussion, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpodcast Twitter: @madammorgan, @hopesfall, @discussmetal, @discussmetaldan, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpod Website: Pre Orders for "Arbiter" here: Email: […]

  • He Is Legend
    by Jon Beatty on May 6, 2018 at 9:23 pm

    Schuylar and Matty from He Is Legend join me for this weeks podcast. We catch up on all things HIL since Schuylar last came on just before FEW had dropped. We hear what the band did to celebrate the release of the new album the day it came out. Some stories from touring with GWAR and Ghoul, how playing Shiprocked was for them, as well as getting into my hangups with vegetarian/vegans and the terminology they use to describe their food and much much more. This is a super loose conversation, but a lot of fun. Intro Music: "Ambition" and "Chin Ups" by Chae Hawk Outro Music: "I Put A Spell on You" by Marilyn Manson Links: Facebook: @heislegendnc, @moshpitnationwestMI, @jonsuntitledpodcast Instagram: @Heislegendnc, @crucialdude, @matttydoom, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpodcast Twitter: @heislegendnc, @crucialdude, @mattydoom, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpod Website: Email: […]

  • Inkcarceration Fest Preview w/ BJ Rowe of Metal Nexus
    by Jon Beatty on April 30, 2018 at 11:55 pm

    Inkcarceration Fest Preview w/ BJ Rowe of Metal Nexus by Jon Beatty […]

  • Derek Hess (Artist/Author)
    by Jon Beatty on April 30, 2018 at 12:23 am

    Derek Hess is my guest this week. Derek is known for a plethora of reasons, be it doing art for numerous bands album art (In Flames, Sevendust, Matchbook Romance), concert posters, being the founder of a clothing line, Strhess Clothing, all of which centers around his art. Mr. Hess just put out a book, 31 Days in May: A Visual Journal of Mental Health and Addiction, and is currently embarking on a tour to promote it. We talk about how this book got started, and how frustrating it can be to be connected to so many through the powers of social media, while being entirely disconnected at the same time. We also delve into some of imagery Derek uses frequently and find out why, and talk a bit about music and some of the newer bands Derek's been into. Intro Music: "Ambition" and "Chin Ups" by Chae Hawk Outro Music: "Sqaure Hammer" by Ghost Links: Facebook: @derekhessart, @moshpitnationwestMI, @jonsuntitledpodcast Instagram: @derekhess, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpodcast Twitter: @Derekhessart, @moshpitnaiton, @jonsuntitledpod Website:, Email: […]

  • Doc Coyle (Bad Wolves/Ex Man Podcast)
    by Jon Beatty on April 22, 2018 at 1:02 pm

    My guest this week is Doc Coyle. Some of you may know Doc from his time in God Forbid, or from his widely popular podcast, The Ex Man Podcast, or maybe from his new band, Bad Wolves, who in a short amount of time have had the top selling song on iTunes and become one of the hottest new bands on the rock/metal scene. However, Doc and I don't really talk much about music but focus on another passion of Doc's, the NBA. We chat about how players now always have to be on in the ever present 24 hour news cycle, and how it may effect their lives versus pre social media age for the players who came before. Which leads us down some interesting side tangents about social media and how it may or may not impact our world in the generations to come. We get into the broken collegiate system, where Doc gives his take on how this issue could be resolved. Not your typical conversation you'll find with Doc, but that's what made it fun in my opinion. Intro Music: "Ambition" and "Chin Ups" by Chae Hawk Outro Music: "This is Why We Ride" by Body Count Links: Facebook: @doccoyle, @badwolvesofficial, @moshpitnationwestMI, @jonsuntitledpodcast Instagram: @doccoyle, @badwolvesofficial, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpodcast Twitter: @doccoyle, @badwolves, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitlepod Website: Email: […]

  • Tom Denney (Ex A Day To Remember)
    by Jon Beatty on April 18, 2018 at 12:41 am

    Tom Denney is my guest on this week's podcast. Most of you may know Tom as one of the founding members and main song writers from A Day To Remember, but Tom's had a crazy career away from the band, and life in general. We hear about the early days of the band, how they came across their sound, what it was like having success with the Kelly Clarkston cover, and why Tom chose to walk away from the band just before the release of their breaktout album, Homesick. Tom and I discuss a bit about music business from the many faucets of it Tom has been a part of, and why he believes it's failing. As well as hearing a wild story about a routine surgery Tom had a little over a year ago, and what we can expect from him in the near future. Intro Music: "Ambition" and "Chin Ups" by Chae Hawk Outro Music: "Pardon Me" by Incubus Links: Facebook: @moshpitnationwestMI, @jonsuntitledpodcast Instagram: @thomasdenneyfilmcompany, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpodcast Twitter: @thomasdenney, @moshpitnation, @jonsunitiltedpod Website: Email: […]

  • Fallon Bowman Deftones Discography Breakdown: Koi No Yokan
    by Jon Beatty on April 8, 2018 at 6:36 pm

    Fallon Bowman returns to continue our breakdown of Deftones discography. This time we are breaking down Koi No Yokan, the follow up to the the instant classic that was Diamond Eyes. Does Koi No Yokan pick up where Diamond Eyes leaves off, did Fallon and I pick the same favorite song as you, do we hear anymore fun embarrassing stories from Fallon during this chat???? Listen and find out. Join in the convo across the socials and let Fallon and I know what you think about this album. Intro Music: "Ambition" and "Chin Ups" by Chae Hawk Outro Music: "_________" by Deftones Links: Facebook: @fallonbowman, @moshpitnationwestMI, @jonsuntitledpodcast Instagram: @fallonbowman, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpodcast Twitter: @fallonbowman, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpod Youtube: @fallonbowmantv, @jonsuntitledpodcast Website: Email: […]

  • Lauren Kashan (Sharptooth)
    by Jon Beatty on April 1, 2018 at 5:34 pm

    Lauren Kashan is the guest this week. This chat is all over the place, in a great way, from playing getting to know you games that Sharptooth plays to pass the time on tour, which also reveals way too much about Lauren and myself. We also venture into some weighty topics of mental and self esteem issues stemming from our experiences with doctors we had at an early age. We also discuss still being a fan of things and sharing things we both geeked out about, to Lauren being a Herpetologist and the bands upcoming tours with Senses Fail and playing on the last full Warped Tour. Intro Music: "Ambition" and "Chin Ups" by Chae Hawk Outro Music: "Clever Girl" by Sharptooth Links: Facebook: @sharptoothMD, @mospitnationwestMI, @jonsuntitledpodcast Instagram: @kashanclaws, @sharptoothmd, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpodcast Twitter: @sharptoothmd, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpod Youtube: to see the full unedited chat head over to the youtube channel: Website: Email: […]

  • Billy Grey (Fozzy)
    by Jon Beatty on March 26, 2018 at 8:50 pm

    Billy Grey is my guest for this bonus mini ep. Fozzy is playing a show here in Grand Rapids MI as part of their Judas Rising tour. Billy and I did a chat right before the band headed back out on the second leg of this tour. We go over how Billy got into Fozzy to the overwhelming success of the song "Judas" and the "Judas Effect" it has had for the band. We also get into how some may think this band has enjoyed instant success...after being a band for over 15 years. If the success of "Judas" will make people take them seriously, or still be known as the Chris Jericho's band and MUCH MUCH MORE. Short episode but lots of information contained within. We also have the answer to a question being asked on Moshpitnation's fb page that could help you win one of 2 pairs of tickets to see Fozzy at their stop here at The Intersection on March 29th. Intro Music: "Ambition" and "Chin Ups" by Chae Hawk Outro Music: "Unchained" by Van Halen and "Judas" by Fozzy Links: Facebook: @fozzyrock, @moshpitnationwestMI, @jonsuntitledpodcast Instagram: @fozzyrock, @billygreyrpg, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpodcast Twitter: @fozzyrock, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpod Website: Email: […]

  • Mike Sciulara (Extinction AD/Light the Torch/This is Hell)
    by Jon Beatty on March 25, 2018 at 4:42 pm

    Mike Sciulara is my guest this week. Some of you might know Mike from any of the number of bands he's been in over the years, Endwell/This is Hell/Extinction AD and more recently Light the Torch. Mike and I sat down to discuss how he got into being a music and what lead him to want to play drums initially. What it's been like being a "hired gun" for a lot of bands over the years, and what qualities one needs to possess to be as in demand as he's been over the years. We get into how the Light the Torch gig came about, as well as discussing what Mike has been able to learn from his bandmates in his time in the band. We get into a bit about sports, what it's like being a percussionist for wedding gigs, and some funny stories that come from that job, and a glimpse into Mike's day job of working at an assisted living facility. Light The Torch's album, Revival, out Friday March 30th via Nuclear Blast. Pre Orders @ Intro Tracks: "Ambition" and "Chin Ups" by Chae Hawk Outro Tracks: Toys Go Winding Down" by Primus "Die Alone" by Light the Torch Links: Facebook: @exitinctionad, @lightthetorchofficial, @moshpitnaitonwestMI, @jonsuntitledpodcast Instagram: @charmingscuzz, @extinctionad, @Lightthetorchband, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpodcast Twitter: @charmingscuzz, @extinctionad, @LTTorchband, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpod Website: Email: […]

  • James Hart (18 Visions)
    by Jon Beatty on March 18, 2018 at 5:35 pm

    My guest this week is James Hart, vocalist of 18 Visions. James and I had a chat outside of the Roxy where 18 Visions were performing that night. We talked about how James got into cosmetology in the first place, and balancing it with being an active touring band. Finding stability in being a hair stylist after the band called it a day. Reoccurring trends in both hair styles and music and much more. Intro Music: "Ambition" and "Chin Ups" by Chae Hawk Outro Music: "Rain When I Die" by Alice in Chains and "Crucified " by 18 Visions Links: Facebook: @moshpitnationwestMI, @jonsuntitledpodcast Instagram: @hartagram, 18v_official, @mosphpitnation, @jonsuntitledpodcast Twitter: @hartagram, @18v_official, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpod Website:, Email: […]

  • Kevin Antreassian (Knife the Glitter/Dillinger Escape Plan)
    by Jon Beatty on March 11, 2018 at 3:00 pm

    Kevin Antreassian is this week's guest. Most of you may know Kevin for his time spent in Dillinger Escape Plan, but Kevin was in a band before that, Knife the Glitter, that spent almost 10 years making an album that came out at the end of 2017. This would be the bands first and subsequently last album. Kevin recalls the various incarnations of the Knife the Glitter before settling into an instrumental 3 piece. The process of spending almost a decade making one album, working titles for songs, and how it feels to see projects he's been involved in come to completion. Intro Music: "Ambition" and "Chin Ups" by Chae Hawk Outro Music: "YYZ" by Rush Links: Facebook: @knifetheglitter, @backroomstudios, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpodcast Instagram: @Kevin_backroom, @knifetheglitter, backroom_studio, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpodcast Twitter: @knife_glitter, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpod Website: Email: […]

  • Craig Owens (BadxChannels/Chiodos)
    by Jon Beatty on March 4, 2018 at 4:18 pm

    Craig Owens is my guest this week. Craig and I chat about his newer project, BadxChannels, and how it came to be. We talk about how BxC has evolved from the WHYFDML ep to some of the newer songs Craig has put out, and how he's been crafting a way to marry the two styles together. We also get into his curated soundcloud playlist of artists that he likes, and how the music industry has changed thanks to platforms like soundcloud and Craig's ability to be a musical chameleon. Intro Music: "Ambition" and " Chin Ups" by Chae Hawk Outro Music: "Don't Come and See Me" by BadxChannels Links: Facebook: @badxchannels, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpodcast Instagram: @badxchannels, @mospitnation, @jonsuntitledpodcast Twitter: @craigowens, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpod Snapchat: @craigblowens Soundcloud: @badxchannels Email: Website: […]

  • Andrew Mikhail (Serpents/ex Oceano)
    by Jon Beatty on February 25, 2018 at 2:28 pm

    My guest this week is Andrew Mikhail of the band Serpents, formerly of Oceano. We get into what it was like for Andrew to grow up as a middle eastern kid who was discovering metal and teaching himself to play guitar, as well as discussing if being self taught has helped or hindered Andrew's career as a guitarist. Andrew opens up about his time in Oceano and what lead to him deciding to leave the band, and if there is any potential for a 10 year anniversary tour of Oceano's debut "Depths" in store for next year. Andrew and I also get into the new Serpents album, Temet Nosce", and what inspired the concept of the album, and how he went about writing it and so much more. Intro Track: "Ambition" and "Chin Up's" by Chae Hawk Outro Track: "Lust of the Lawless" by Serpents Links: Facebook: @weareserpents, @trvemedia, @moshpitnationwestMI, @jonsuntitledpodcast Instagram: @weareserpents, @andruciver, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpodcast Twitter: @andruciver, @weareserpents, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpod Email: Website: Serpent Pre Orders: […]


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