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“Weekly podcast where I sit down with friends and strangers alike and discuss a variety of topics.”

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Jons Untitled Podcast Weekly podcast where I sit down with friends and strangers alike and discuss a variety of topics.

  • Mike Dean (Corrosion of Conformity)
    by Jon Beatty on February 18, 2018 at 10:54 pm

    My guest this week is Mike Dean, bass player for the mighty Corrosion of Conformity. I got to chat with Mike during some down time while he was on the road with Black Label Society. We talk about how the band got to play some headlining shows in light of BLS canceling some shows, including a stop here in Grand Rapids. How it was to come up with a headline set on such short notice, and the reception to the new album "No Cross, No Crown" and playing as a 3 pc and now as a 4 pc with Pepper back in the fold. We also discuss the recent news of Slayer and Skynyrd planning their farewell tours, and when COC could be calling it a day. Intro Music: "Ambition" and "Chin Ups" by Chae Hawk Outro Music: "E.L.M." by Corrosion of Conformity Links: Facebook: @corrosionofconformity, @moshpitnationwestMI, @jonsuntitledpodcast Twitter: @coccabal, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpod Instagram: @coccabal, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpodcast Website: Email: […]

  • Sheel Davè (Bad Rabbits/Irepress)
    by Jon Beatty on February 14, 2018 at 9:43 pm

    My guest is Sheel Davè, drummer for Bad Rabbits. This chat was a long time coming, and was interesting in the sense that I didn't really ask Sheel many questions, just let him tell me what has been going on with BR over the last few years. Sheel reveals why the band has been on a bit of a hiatus, as well as taking about why the band has chosen to go back to being an independent band. How the band was ahead of a trend that is now gaining popularity for mainstream artists like Bruno Mars, and how label people laughed at their music. We find how much of what Sheel's been able to do within the Bad Rabbits world comes from his time in his other band, Irepress, and how everything has ties to that...including how Sheel and I first met over 10 years ago. Sheel shares what the band has in store for fans in 2018, starting with their new Rihanna cover song out just in time for Valentines Day, Love on the Brain. Intro Music: "Chin Ups" and "Ambition" by Chae Hawk Outro Music: "Naysayer" by Architects / "Love on the Brain" by Bad Rabbits Links: Facebook: @badrabbits, @moshpitnationwestMI, @jonsuntitledpodcast Instagram: @badrabbits, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpod Twitter: @badrabbits, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpod Email: Website: […]

  • Jim Hocking (For The Fallen Dreams)
    by Jon Beatty on February 7, 2018 at 1:51 am

    My guest this week is Jim Hocking, guitar player and backing vocalist of For The Fallen Dreams. Jim and I met at local venue The Pyramid Scheme, here in Grand Rapids, to talk a bit about the bands upcoming album, 6 coming out Feburary 16th via Rise Records. What it was like making this album now that some of the band members are newer dads, and some behind the scenes on the making of the album as a whole. We also go back and look back at their debut album, Changes, which celebrates 10 years of being out this year. What the bands plans are to commemorate this landmark album, and what 2018 has in store for the band and some other hilarious stories from 10 years of touring. Intro Music: "Ambition" and "Chin Ups" by Chae Hawk Outro Music: "Stone" by For The Fallen Dreams and "Can't Stop The Feeling" by Justin Timberlake Links: Facebook: @forthefallendreams, @moshpitnationwestMI, @jonsuntitledpodcast Instagram: @jimhocking, @forthefallendreams, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpodcast Twitter: @Jimftfd, @ftfdband, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpod Email: Website: […]

  • King Gordy (L.A.R.S. / King Gordy)
    by Jon Beatty on February 4, 2018 at 7:02 pm

    My guest this week is legendary horror core rapper King Gordy. King Gordy has long since made a name for himself in the underground hip hop scene, "the king of horrocore" to some. King Gordy has teamed with Bizarre of D12 fame to create a new project called Last American Rockstars, or LARS for short. King Gordy and I get into what inspires his controversial lyrics, as well as the concept for LARS itself. We also talk about what happened to the rockstars of the world, and how the hip hop scene has produced the new rockstars. LARS debut album, Last American Rock Stars, comes out 2/16 via Majik Ninja Entertainment. Intro Music: "Ambition" and "Chin Ups" by Chae Hawk Outro Music: Last American Rock Stars by LARS Links: Facebook: @lastamericanrockstars, @moshpitnationwestMI, @jonsuntitledpodcast Instagram: @hailkinggordy, @lastamericanrockstars, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpod Twitter: @hailkinggordy, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpod Email: Website: […]

  • Dave Buckner (Papa Roach)
    by Jon Beatty on January 28, 2018 at 8:10 pm

    My guest this week is Dave Buckner, former drummer for Papa Roach. Dave and I get into discussing the immediate success of their seminal debut album, Infest. What it was like being on the road when the album blew up, and if they thought the record would do as well as it would. We also delve into the bands second album, LoveHateTragedy, and what the mindset was for the band going into that album. What it was like to have it not do as well, by comparison, to their first album, and how that would shape the bands mentality going into Getting Away with Murder. We also go off on tangents galore, tour stories, and an interesting story involving Dryden Mitchell of Alien Ant Farm, Dave and Jacoby Shaddix and SO much more. Intro Music: "Ambition" and "Chin Ups" by Chae Hawk Outro Music: "Watching the Wheels" by John Lennon Links: Facebook: @moshpitnationwestMI, @jonsuntitledpodcast Instagram: @realdavebuckner, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpodcast Twitter: @realdavebuckner, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpod Email: Website: […]

  • Dave Chavarri (Terror Universal/ILL Nino)
    by Jon Beatty on January 21, 2018 at 4:59 pm

    My guest this week is Dave Chavarri drummer for Terror Universal and ILL Nino. We discuss how the concept of the bands look came to be, the inspiration behind Dave's mask came about. Touring plans for Terror Universal and what to expect from their debut album, "Make Them Bleed" out now via Minus Head Records. Intro Music: "Ambition" and "Chin Ups" by Chae Hawk Outro Music: "Blackened" by Metallica and "Make them Bleed" by Terror Universal Links: Facebook: @terroruniversaloffical, @mosphitnationwestMI, @jonsuntitledpodcast Instagram: @terroruniversalofficial, @iLLdavechavarri, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpodcast Twitter: @terroruniversal, @iLLdavechavarri, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpod Website: Email: […]

  • Justin Graves (Vexes)
    by Jon Beatty on January 15, 2018 at 11:04 pm

    This week's guest is Justin Graves, formerly of A Life Once Lost, and current drummer for Ambient hard rock band Vexes. Vexes are creating a bit of buzz in the industry following the release of the their singles, "Lift" and "Plasticine". While "Helion" just was named one of Sirius XM Liquid Metal's Devils Dozen. Justin and I talk a bit about how he got involved with Vexes, and a bit about the process of making the album. What we can expect from the band in this new year. Intro Music: "Ambition" and "Chin Ups" by Chae Hawk Outro Music: "Lift" and "Helion" by Vexes Links: Facebook: @wearevexes, @moshpitnationwestMI, @jonsuntitledpodcast Instagram: @wearevexes, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpod Twitter: @wearevexes, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpod Pre Order "Ancient Geometry" here: Email: Website: […]

  • robb rivera (Nonpoint)
    by Jon Beatty on January 9, 2018 at 12:01 am

    Robb Rivera is the guest on this weeks podcast. Robb and I sat down on New Years Day and went over our top albums of 2017, as well as some of the albums we are looking forward to in this upcoming year. Would love to keep the conversation going online and tell us some great records we may have missed and some albums that are about to be released you think we should be aware of. Intro Music: "Ambition" and "Chin Ups" by Chae Hawk Outro Music: "Jacobs Ladder" by Rush Links: Facebook: @robbriveranonpoint, @moshpitnationwestMI, @jonsuntitledpodcast Instagram: @robbpoint, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpodcast Twitter: @Robbriveranp, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpod Email: Website: […]

  • Glenn Willis (The Blamed/2 Minute Minor/October Bird of Death)
    by Jon Beatty on January 4, 2018 at 2:15 am

    This weeks guest is Glenn Willis vocalist of recently reunited punk band The Blamed. As well as 2 Minute Minor and October Bird of Death. Glenn has alway been immersed in whatever music scene he is a part of, and has been in AT LEAST 2 bands at any given time since I've known him. Glenn and I take a deep look into his past and how his faith got him inspired to be in a band in the first place. How he has also help invigorate his local scene, but has also found himself taking the blame for said scene falling apart.....twice. We discuss how Glenn re finding his faith and getting sober allowed him to […]

  • Fallon Bowman Deftones Album Breakdown: Diamond Eyes
    by Jon Beatty on December 28, 2017 at 3:50 am

    New Ep is up with Fallon Bowman: We redid our Diamond Eyes run through after the last one got fucked up. Hear a little bit about the Kittie reunion that happened since the last time Fallon and I chatted. Then it's back to business as we breakdown the one album we've talked about in EVERY SINGLE ONE of our previous chats. This one is a little long winded, but is to be expected. Also shout out to Elk Brewing: Grand Rapids as I was enjoying a few PB and J'ale"y's while recording this. Intro Music: "Ambition" and "Chin Ups" by Chae Hawk Outro Music: by Deftones Links: Website: Facebook: @falonbowman, Moshpitnation-mi, Jon's Untitled Podcast Instagram: @fallonbowman, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpodcast Twitter: @fallonbowman, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpod Email: Youtube: @fallonbowmantv, @jonsuntitledpodcast […]

  • Steve Evetts (Producer)
    by Jon Beatty on December 20, 2017 at 11:49 am

    Steve Evetts is my guest on this weeks podcast. Steve is a legendary producer who has been making records for a little over 20 years, and is responsible for some legendary albums by some of metal and hardcore's bigger names. Albums like Hatebreed's "Satisfaction is the Death of Desire" to Deadguy's "Fixation on a co worker" to working on all of the Dillenger Escape Plan albums. We get into Evetts time working with famed producer Ross Robinson and working with a variety of bands like The Cure, and some fun experiences that arose from the making of that album. To working on one of my favorite Limp Bizkit albums, The Unquestionable Truth Pt. 1. Where I learned about a making of documentary thats online that I had no clue about, as well as some other weird bits about an album that no one seemingly knows about, and has little information within the cd itself. Hear how a drunken night lead to Evetts recoding with Detroit's own Wilson. Intro Song: "Ambition" and "Chin Ups" by Chae Hawk Outro Song: "When I Lost My Bet" by Dillenger Escape Plan Links: Website:, Facebook: @moshpitnationwestMI, @jonsuntitledpodcast IG: @steveevetts, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpodcast Twitter: @steveevetts, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpod Email: […]

  • Rush Jeremy (Father The Flame)
    by Jon Beatty on December 12, 2017 at 4:13 am

    Rush Jeremy is my guest this week. Rush has been working on a documentary that follows a pipe maker, who through his stories and travels reveals the rich legacy of pipe making and the enthusiasts who enjoy collecting and smoking from pipes. Rush details what got him into wanting to make movies, documentaries specifically, and what this 6 year journey has been like for him working with a team to see their vision to completion. As well as what the process involves getting it released now that it's complete. Intro Music: "Ambition" and "Chin Ups" by Chae Hawk Outro Music: "So What" by Miles Davis Links: Website:, FB: @fathertheflame, @moshpitnationwestMI, @jonsuntitledpodcast IG: @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpodcast Twitter: @fathertheflame, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpod Email: […]

  • Derrick Wiliams aka Blk Cnvs
    by Jon Beatty on December 5, 2017 at 3:29 am

    My guest this week is Derrick Williams aka Black Canvas. Derrick and I have been friends for awhile and have seen each other venture into different avenues within the music scene, from me booking shows and doing this podcast to Derrick getting into taking the time to become an MC, and how his life experiences have shaped his art over the years. We get into some discussions about the politics of Grand Rapids, as well as some conversations about our current social issues, and how Derrick conveys these thoughts into his music. We also go through the evolution of Derricks rap personas and what they meant on the way to becoming Black Canvas and much more. Had a lot of fun having a chat with an old friend. Hope you enjoy. Intro Music: "Ambition" and "Chin Ups" by Chae Hawk Outro Music: "Don't Follow Me" by BLK CNVS feat tryggs Links: Facebook: @blkcnvs, @moshpitnationwestMI, @jonsuntitledpodcast Instagram: @dreads_and_threads, @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpodcast Twitter: @moshpitnation, @jonsuntitledpod Soundcloud: Website: Email: […]

  • Bringing Down Broadway
    by Jon Beatty on December 2, 2017 at 2:46 am

    My guest this week is Bringing Down Broadway (BDB) BDB is a christian metalcore band from here in MI, and were one of the first and bigger bands emerging in the infancy periods of what would become metal core. Here how the band got together, stories of how they were able to find their sound, which wasnt really a thing at the time, and hear stories from the band themselves about life on the road and what it was like to be a band before smartphones and GPS was a thing!!! We also find out what lead to the band calling it a day in the mid 2000's and what eventually lead them to getting back together. Was a super fun chat and can catch the band on their fist show back at the Flint Local 432 on December 29th. Also first show with new partner, MoshPitNation!!!! Intro Songs: "Ambition" and "Chin Ups" by Chae Hawk Outro Song: "Farewell Address" by Bringing Down Broadway Links: Facebook: @bringingdownbroadway, @moshpitnationwestMI, @jonsuntitltedpodcast Instagram: @BDBband, @jonsuntitledpodcast Twitter: @BDBband, @jonsuntitledpod Email: […]

  • Brandon Howcroft (Lake Effect)
    by Jon Beatty on November 24, 2017 at 7:23 pm

    This weeks guest is Brandon Howcroft of the band Lake Effect. Brandon and I discuss what prompted his band to go to Silver Bullet Studios and have Greg Thomas (Misery Signas/End) produce their newest EP. What they hope to accomplish with these new songs, and the mindset of a band trying to break out of the local scene and take their band to the next level. Intro Music: "Ambition" and "Chin Ups" by Chae Hawk Outro Music: "Misguided Youth" by Lake Effect Links: Facbook: @michigandermusic, @jonsuntitledpodcast Instagram: @Breezerhowcroft, @lakeeffect_mi, @jonsuntitledpodcasr Twitter: @lakeeffect_ , @breezerhowcroft, @jonsuntitledpod Bandcamp: Email: […]


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