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Wednesday 13: Invades and Infects

Music is known to encompass the mind and connect to the audience, and here to enhance it further is the band Wednesday 13.  By igniting the audience’s imagination, Wednesday 13, like a painter, has used music as the canvas for the stories being portrayed both on stage...

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Warcrab – Damned In Endless Night

Where Scars of Aeons was dark and heavy, with a groove that took you by the hand to lead you to the abyss, Damned In Endless Night instead pushing you forward and scourges you ever deeper down.

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Ashen Chalice – Ljubiš li i dalje istinski?

Listening to Ljubiš li i dalje istinski? is not pleasant, but it feels so very necessary. The emotions are palpable. My arm hair stands on end. I feel like weeping. I feel like destroying. I feel like walking into the woods and never coming out.

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H.C. Slim – Sings

H.C. Slim is the dusty crossroad where music lovers from all over can stop to take a rest and just peacefully listen to the short simplicities of a man roaming alone

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Temple of Perdition – Homage to the Dead

Band - Temple of Perdition Album - Homage to the Dead Country of Origin - USA/Finland Genre - Black Metal Release Date - May 13, 2019 Label - Vision of God Records Author - Ivan Gossage (Chief Administrator, Order ov the Black Arts)   From the arid expanses of modern...

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Suhnopfer Interview

Ardraos: ” I’m just trying on my humble level to perpetuate deep tones and a musical emulation that rises on the foundations of the 90’s with an own personality, unlike the thousands of clones of the first Nordic groups, or those trying random experiments, which just pull the scene down.”

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JGilbert’s Bandcamp Roundup I

I’ve been gone for a few weeks, but not entirely idle. In the interest of getting some more exposure for Michigan artists and creating a platform for them in my column on Moshpit Nation, I’ve endeavored to do monthly roundups of bandcamp releases for Michigan artists...

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