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Svederna – Svedjeland

They take a tried and true recipe, and then create a perfect dish from it. No need for garnish or fancy sauces, the main dish is perfect as is.

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AbominaBlood – Abomination Continues

Band - AbominaBlood Album - Abomination Continues Country of Origin - Argentina Genre - Black/Death Metal Release Date - January 1, 2018 Label - Cyclopean Eye Productions Author - Hayduke   There’s something about South American extreme metal, something filthy and...

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Immortal Guardian – Age of Revolution

There aren’t enough hours in the day to give everything a full album listen, so something has to grab me to keep me switching to the next, and it is certainly rare for power metal to do that for me. That alone is recommendation, as Age of Revolution has had double digits full album listens.

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Lifelost – Dialogues From Beyond

The riffs are dissonant ear worms that savagely burrow through your brain with the menace of Herbert’s Sandworms. They don’t so much sit in the back of your subconscious as tear through it to make it their nest.

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Aeolian – Silent Witness

production is lush and powerful, the playing flawless throughout, and the songs are as melodic and dynamic as they are fast and pummeling.

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Forn – Rites of Despair

From start to finish, I want to sit with my eyes closed, in a dark room while the music pervades every fiber of my being. I would walk away a changed man I would wager.

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Satan – Cruel Magic

Not only does the quintet maintain their vintage tightly-picked, highly-harmonized riffing style, but they also subtly include elements of black metal (lots of octaves and rigorous tremolo picking), as well as the bluesy licks, retro tones, and standard tuning of late ‘70s Pentagram, Budgie, or Judas Priest.

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Paragnosis – Clarity In Three (Redux)

atmospheric and esoteric, seemingly floating through a series of complex metal riffs, dissonant jazz chords, and subtle lead-guitar melodies laid atop a straightforward-yet-effective rhythmic foundation.

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