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Ministry at 20 Monroe Live

Get inside the memorable Ministry show at 20 Monroe Live. The show saw the legendary Ministry bring their politically charged industrial metal to Grand Rapids with Chelsea Wolfe and The God Bombs.

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Jesse Leach DJ Set Review

The lineage of metal and hardcore music was alive and well as Jesse Leach, vocalist of metalcore pioneers Killswitch Engage, hosted a DJ set inside The Stache this past Saturday night.

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Warcrab – Scars of Aeons

Warcrab gives us a dark, brooding masterpiece without flaw. Too few will hear this album this year, but it will certainly find it’s way high up on my year end list.

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All Hell – The Grave Alchemist

By sticking to their aggressive, old-school evil and almost European style of metal, all while remaining ungodly catchy and heavy, they make it nearly impossible to catch your breath from track to track.

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The Furor – Cavalries of the Occult

Musically, the album is so dynamic and unpredictable, it very nearly defies classification. To say that it is a mix of black and death metal, while true, does not do justice to what you hear when you listen.

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