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Herem – III

What separates Herem from the others is Valendis Suomalainen. Her haunting growls make the skin crawl like worms and beetles devouring a graveyard corpse.

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Logic of Denial – Aftermath

Complex and technical guitar lines led by absolutely insane drum tracks that are almost impossible to predict. Guttural, venomous vocals set the pace for the real brutality this album has to offer.

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Novembers Doom – Hamartia

Right from the beginning, there’s absolutely no mistake that this is November’s Doom. It has the same Dark and Doomy feel. Exactly what you’re expecting.

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Lonely Robot – The Big Dream

Prog fans, please come out of the shadows if you haven’t already.  Music like The Big Dream should reinforce your conviction to the idea that you were never wrong to love what you love in the first place, the world be damned.

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Rage and Frustration Round-Up – June 12, 2017

Rage and Frustration Extreme Music Reviews & Interviews Band/Album – Blood Tyrant/Aristocracy of Twilight Country of Origin – The Netherlands Genre – Black Metal Label/Release Date – Iron Bonehead/December 16, 2016 Raw black metal with some...

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