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Jupiterian – Terraforming

If Minsk and Portal had a baby in a swamp that was then raised on a desert in outer space, “Terraforming” would be it in sonic presentation.

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Expander – Endless Computer

It invades your mind with the concept of a shapeless cosmic entity representing the pinnacle of technological advancement and seeking to take control of all atomic matter in the universe.

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Leucosis – Liminal

Rage and Frustration Extreme Music Reviews & Interviews Band – Leucosis Album – Liminal Country of Origin – USA Genre – Black Metal Release Date – September 1st, 2017 Label – Sentient Ruin Laboratories Author – Hayduke X...

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Sxuperion – Myriad

The album starts with some incredibly filthy blackened death metal with vicious guitar riffs, blasting, and yeti growl vocals, then drifts into ambient noise, including samples on one track.

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Amiensus – All Paths Lead To Death

They are carving a niche on the same progressive back metal mountain that Oranssi Pazuzu and Cormorant make their home, a place both rugged and majestic, and a place richly deserved by this project.

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