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Track Debut: “Unsetting” by Lucius Fox

Local, Kalamazoo MI band, Lucius Fox has a new album coming out June 22, 2018 and we have an exclusive track before it hits the streets! Check out Unsetting, a heavy-hitting, prog-laden instrumental track, right here, and watch for the full album, "TRAPPIST-1" later...

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H E X – H E X

Rage and Frustration Heavy Metal Reviews & Interviews Band - H E X Album - H E X Country of Origin - Switzerland Genre - Psych/Industrial Release Date - May 25th, 2018 Label - Hummus Records Author - Mannerheim Here comes H E X, bringing drum beats reminiscent of...

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Graceon – IV

Rage and Frustration Heavy Metal Reviews & Interviews Band - Graceon Album - IV Country of Origin - USA Genre - Prog Metal Release Date - May 18th, 2018 Label - Translation Loss Author - Mannerheim Haunting melodies echoed by dark, moving arrangements are the standard...

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Solstice – White Horse Hill

Rage and Frustration Heavy Metal Reviews & Interviews     Band - Solstice Album - White Horse Hill Country of Origin - United Kingdom Genre - Epic Doom Metal Release Date - April 6th, 2018 Label - Invictus Productions Author - Markus Makkonen Despite almost a 30-year...

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MI Metal Shows Update: May 2018

With the May 2018 MI Metal Update you can: Support an upcoming metal show in your hood. Pick up the new Sevendust album. Listen to metal on the go. Check out a new Ghost video. Get ready for summer with a MPN tank top… AND MUCH MORE \m/

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Interview with LIK

It’s not like back in the day with Headbangers Ball on Sundays. But this is what we have, so why not make the best of it. Right?

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Spock’s Beard – Noise Floor

Spock’s Beard are tight and polished, and they play with a confidence and energy that demonstrate their years of experience and reaffirm their well-earned standing as heroes of modern progressive rock.

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Interview with Stortregn

We have been exploring odd timings with this album, but not in the prog metal sense of it. Our songs remain direct and straight to the point, so you can always headbang to them.

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Ministry at 20 Monroe Live

Get inside the memorable Ministry show at 20 Monroe Live. The show saw the legendary Ministry bring their politically charged industrial metal to Grand Rapids with Chelsea Wolfe and The God Bombs.

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