Best of January 2024


We’re trying a new feature here at MoshPitNation, given that we can’t possibly properly cover everything we come across that we like (unless someone wants to match my teacher’s current salary to write reviews). Instead we present to you a list of our favorites from the past month.


Andrew Dana


I’ve been diving deep into the hardcore-related genres the past year. We’re neck-deep in a screamo renaissance, with an unbelievable number of incredible releases in the past month alone. Also highlighted here is releases that I feel best recapture the anarchic spirit of some of that good old 90s post hardcore when everything felt like it was expanding in scope.


1/1/2024 – dutchmasters – substation, my home. melancholy, my bride. – Screamo/Indietronica – Loveseat – USA


This genre-destroying LP reminds me of the metal-adjacent chiptune project Gonemage, as it is based on a similar mixture of sounds (although taken in two very different directions). Distorted guitars meet with sequenced synths and breakbeats to create a sonic texture both dark and lush. Taken as a whole, I found this a gorgeous, sprawling end result.



1/5/2024 – poorly wrote suicide note – pwsn ii – Lo-fi/Screamo/Noise pop – BSDJ – USA


There is creativity bursting from the seams on poorly wrote suicide note’s second album. Each song is produced differently and features an amazingly eclectic range of sad, nostalgic, playful, existential music, which I find both creatively inspiring and emotionally cathartic.



1/10/2024 – Yersin – The Scythe Is Remorseless – Sludge metal, Crust punk – UK


This is a nice, pummeling monolith of fuzz that returns its various genre-groups to their punky, thrashy roots with modern production that feels like it could destroy a small planet.



1/12/2024 – Blame Art – Aneuma – Screamo/Post rock – No Funeral – Italy


Screamo and Post Rock have been friends for decades, and this release offers an especially beautiful fusion following the likes of City of Caterpillar and Envy, but with even more emphasis on progressive, atmospheric elements.



1/12/2024 – Massa Nera/Quiet Fear – Quatro Vientos // Cinco Soles – Screamo – Persistent Vision – USA


This is a split between two fantastic bands at their best. Both band’s tracks bring tappy, math-rock goodness without sacrificing any heaviness. There’s a subtle component of latin rhythms coursing throughout the riffs here, which make it all the more special.



1/12/2024 – Sadness/Vulning – Split LP – Prog metal/Blackgaze – Flowerpot Records – USA


Sadness was ridiculously prolific in 2023, contributing to an average of nearly one split per month. This one, released by Flowerpot in January, is really lovely, featuring the first recordings of Ohio’s Vulning, an interesting project that is both heavy and proggy with a 20-minute long suite that doesn’t overstay its welcome. Sadness’ side is a treat as the one-man project continues to hone its depressive, atmospheric sound.



1/12/2024 – Infant Island – Obsidian Wreath – Screamo/Black Metal – Secret Voice/Deathwish – USA


Everyone’s talking about this one, but I wanted to join the choir. One of the best active bands brings a soundscape that is both grandiose and unhinged for their third LP, with atmospheric black metal and hardcore as equal partners.



1/16/2024 – flowersfightforsunshine – s/t – Harsh noise/Emoviolence – BSDJ – Canada


The more I listened to this, the more I loved it. This is basically post-hardcore and screamo riffs getting the noisecore treatment, blown out beyond comprehension. Pushing lo-fi to an absolute extreme, blown-out drums and chords melt into a pyroclastic slurry, over which vocalist Tedone’s shrieks lead to a really interesting and raw approach to emotional expressiveness.



1/25/24 – uragano – LP1 – Screamo – Various – Italy 


Self described as “Italian Turbo-Skramz”, this delightful debut is chock full of post-hardcore riffs with an unexpected edge of 70s prog rock, keyboards and all. In fact, it’s the keyboards that push this to be a very distinctive and fun listen. Centerpiece “Indonesia” is a long doomy slab of post-hardcore with harmony reminiscent of Pink Floyd or 70s King Crimson and extensive sampling from Werner Herzog talking about penguins. Really cool!



Hayduke X


Here are my favorites from January. Plenty of black metal, of course, but also some really impressive death metal, sludge, hardcore, screamo, and more. In addition to Engulf and Narzissus, for which I’ve already written and published reviews, the Our Future Is An Absolute Shadow on Zegema Beach Records, Lord Dying on MNRK Heavy, and Guhts on Seeing Red Records really stood out. I recommend the entire list as worthy of your time though. Enjoy!


1/5/2024 – Guerrero Nómada – Vida Cementada Enterrada en Sueños Muertos – Black Metal – Independent Release – USA



1/5/2024 – Rutile – Virtuous Season – Black Metal – Fiadh Productions/Canti Eretici – USA



1/12/2024 – Cosmic Joke – Cosmic Joke – Hardcore Punk – Hardlore Records/Triple B Records – USA



1/12/2024 – Domination Campaign – A Storm of Steel – Death Metal – Prosthetic Records – Australia



1/12/2024 – Engulf – The Dying Planet Weeps – Death Metal – Everlasting Spew Records – USA



1/15/2024 – Lautrec – In Search Of The Waters Of Oblivion (DEMO) – Black Metal – Canti Eretici – Australia



1/15/2024 – Our Future is an Absolute Shadow – LP – Screamo – Zegema Beach Records – USA/Canada



1/19/2024 – Lord Dying – Clandestine Transcendence – Prog/Sludge – MNRK Heavy – USA



1/19/2024 – Narzissus – AKT III: Ersolung – Black Metal – Shape of Storms Records/Fiadh Productions – Austria



1/19/2024 – Necromass – Exsanguinati Sacerdotes – Black Metal – Fiadh Productions – Unknown



1/25/2024 – Stuporous – Asylum’s Lament – Black/Doom – Void Wanderer Productions/War Productions – Netherlands/Belgium



1/26/2024 – Guhts – Regeneration – Post-Metal – Seeing Red Records/New Heavy Sounds – USA



1/26/2024 – Junta – Junta – Hardcore Punk – Sentient Ruin – USA



1/26/2024 – The Oldest House – A Worm Through Time – Sludge Metal – I, Voidhanger – Spain



1/26/2024 – Unsouling – Vampiric Spiritual Drain – Death Metal – I, Voidhanger – USA