Band – Done

Album – Rest to Ruin EP

Country of Origin – USA

Genre – Blackened Powerviolence

Release Date – May 10, 2024

Label – Realm and Ritual

Author – Hayduke X


We are honored today to premiere the new EP by the Massachusetts blackened powerviolence band Done. Beyond saying that the six tracks form a destructive force, I won’t say much now. I’ll leave the EP to members of the band to introduce. Once the EP makes your ears bleed though, do drop below the player for my full review (plus a little bonus coverage of “Demo 2024” released by Midnight Werewolf Records earlier this year).


J. (guitarist) states:


From the standpoint of writing these songs musically, it came from a raw expression of the emotions that were swirling inside me. Trying to make sense of the turmoil I was feeling. Trapped in a never-ending cycle of anguish, it felt like the only way was to channel it into something tangible that I could hold onto. And so, I used this to process the overwhelming emotions that threatened to consume me.  In the end, each song became a testament to my resilience, a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is beauty to be found in the depths of despair.


D. (vocalist) states: 


The collection of song lyrics is a harrowing descent into the depths of darkness, where despair reigns supreme and hope is but a flickering ember in the void. With each haunting melody and guttural scream, the songs strip away the veneer of optimism, exposing the raw wounds of the human spirit. Themes of anguish, betrayal, and existential anguish permeate every word, casting a pall of doom over the listener. From the crushing weight of disillusionment to the agonizing torment of unfulfilled dreams, the lyrics evoke a visceral sense of despair that lingers long after the music fades. In the twisted landscape of these songs, there is no redemption, only the relentless march towards oblivion.


I first stumbled onto Done when I was reviewing “Pestmo’qon” by Ushangvagush. Any regular readers will know what a huge fan I am of that solo black metal project. D., who is behind Ushangvagush, is also the drummer for Done, making it exceptionally clear their level of talent. I immediately grabbed a copy of “Aged & Untreated” and have since ordered “Demo 2024” as well. (Guess what I’m going to order Friday?) 


The “Rest to Rust” EP feels like the culmination of what the band has been building towards (though I’m sure they’ll continue to find ways to grow and impress). The six tracks are more nuanced, more blackened, and meaner than what was found on the already stellar prior releases. The quartet blends the aforementioned powerviolence with some blackened influences to be sure, but also hardcore, hints of thrash, and a dash of punk. However you want to define their sound in terms of genre, the music is pissed off and aggressive. 


Hailing from the Boston area (though no fans of the city…just look at the track titles on “Aged & Untreated”), the quartet is pretty anonymous, made up of J. on guitars, D. on drums, L. on bass, and (a different) D. on vocals. The drumming is relentless when it needs to be, but not afraid to back off the speed to provide some variety in attack. The bass is a thick rumbling gut punch throughout. The guitar is fuzzy and reverb filled, but the riffs are sharp and punishing. The vocal attack sounds like D. is gargling razor blades, then drinking vinegar before each take. “Rest to Rust” is top-notch powerviolence, one of the best I’ve heard all year.


Realm and Ritual is offering a hand-numbered edition of 75 smoke-tinted cassettes with A/B pad-print and double-sided 4-panel J-card. Check back on Friday at noon to order. The album will be available digitally on the same day on the Done Bandcamp page.


Bonus “Demo 2024” Thoughts: In February of 2024, the band released a new four song demo. There is also a bonus six minute noise by D. (drummer), which I’m looking forward to hearing soon. The demo is vicious and visceral, but not exactly new material (aside from the bonus track). Instead, the band took four tracks from the debut album “Aged and Untreated” and re-interpreted them with their new vocalist. The results are worth checking out as a midpoint between the old (debut album) and new (upcoming EP release). The demo is available digitally and on cassette (or was last I looked) on the Done Bandcamp page.



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