Band – Vinca Difformis

Album – Eye Witness (single)

Country of Origin – Greece

Genre – Indie Pop

Release Date – November 25, 2023

Label – FYC Records

Author – Vuk



Vinca Difformis is a songwriter from Athens, Greece. Her first single, “Eye Witness,” was released via FYC Records & Distro toward the end of 2023, with a full-length album on the way later this year. 


In just under three minutes, with a sound reminiscent of trip-hop artists like Morcheeba and Hooverphonic, “Eye Witness” fuses tranquillity and grooviness that leaves you eager for more. Lyrically, the song is tender-hearted and endearing. Difformis’ delicate voice sings directly to an ageless beloved…


Twenty years and yet so much to say

I’m grateful you’ve never backed away

Let’s pretend we’ve never kissed before

Tell me you love me


It almost doesn’t matter if the love she has for this person is reciprocal because she so clearly expresses the gratitude that accompanies acknowledgment of time well spent. It is a beautiful song made from tender-spotted stolen-kiss moments. 


It is also the kind of song that might go unnoticed by Metalheads. Not for lack of wanting but from unfamiliarity with the circle’s music like Vinca’s is broadcast. Its release by FYC Records & Distro is a testament to the label’s creative vision to produce heartfelt music from whichever genre it pleases. 


Vinca Difformis was kind enough to answer some of our questions about the single, her upcoming album, and why making music means so much to her.  Read on below!


Interview – Vinca Difformis


“Music and words have always been my home, a land of my own, in a parallel space and time. My attempt to choose a state of being defined by materialistic values and a materialistic perspective almost got me killed. Writing these songs kept me alive and recording them set me free. At last I’m back home, welcoming old and new friends.”

-Vinca Difformis 


Introduction and Background:


MPN: Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind your single “Eye Witness” and its connection to the upcoming full-length album?


Vinca Difformis (VD): “Eye Witness” was born on a long-distance walk as I was examining my life and the choices I’d made. It led me to the point I was at that time, through my partner’s compassionate, loving, big blue eyes, trying to decide whether  I had totally messed everything up or it was o.k. I had completely trusted myself till then.


The rest of the album reflects that same anguish of defeat and then the inner effort to get back up again and make the most of what one has got.


MPN: How would you describe your music’s overall sound and emotional themes, especially in “Eye Witness”?


VD: I’d say I wanted to combine ambient elements with minimal influences on a New Age base. As for the themes, they usually concern personal growth and emotions that lead us to a profound understanding, such as love, faith, and acceptance. Especially in “Eye Witness.”



Musical Influences:


MPN: “Eye Witness” has a trip-hop sound similar to artists like Morcheeba (especially Morcheeba!), Nightmares on Wax, Thievery Corporation, and Portishead, to name a few. How have these artists influenced your musical style?


VD: During my musical studies, I experimented with many styles and sounds. So I’m influenced by many artists, including some of those you mentioned, but not particularly.



MPN: Could you share some specific elements from trip-hop (or any other genre) that you intentionally incorporated into “Eye Witness”?


VD: Everything. But the minimalistic structure and repeated motifs are the subconscious extracts of music styles I’ve loved, and they’ve been a lot.


Lyrical Exploration:


MPN: The lyrics of “Eye Witness” seem deeply personal. [I love this line: Twenty years and yet so much to say – I’m grateful you’ve never backed away – Let’s pretend we’ve never kissed before]. Can you elaborate on the themes and emotions you aimed to convey through the song?


VD: I let love define me. That is the core of the song.


MPN: How does the songwriting process contribute to your overall artistic expression, especially considering the vulnerability expressed in the lyrics


VD: It’s not something I do; it’s who I am. I breathe, I sing, I write, I feel, I walk, I write, I laugh. I cry, I write.


Album Concept and Release:


MPN: What can listeners expect from your upcoming full-length album in 2024, and how does it expand on the themes introduced in “Eye Witness”?


VD: As I told you before, I’ve studied and loved several different styles, so I hope listeners will be ready for a personal sound from new age to jazz and funk shuffle beats.


MPN: How does the album contribute to your journey and the sense of returning “home” that you mentioned in your quote? [Bandcamp – “Eye Witness” single].


VD: I gave time and space to this album, so it can be completed. It was the exact time and space I needed to prepare myself to let go. That means regaining trust in life and doing things my way.


Creative Process:


MPN: How do you typically approach creating your music, especially combining synthesizer sounds and ethereal vocals?


VD: Magic comes when I’m humming, and I always hum. My keyboard is what I use for the ambient sound in my head, and vocals follow. “Eye witness” is a whisper in my partner’s ear under the night sky on the beach during summertime.


MPN: Can you share any memorable moments or challenges you encountered while recording “Eye Witness” or working on your upcoming album?


VD: All I can say is that my fellow musicians and engineers were there for me, trying hard to understand, what is it I want to say with my songs, giving me opinions and ideas. That was the real challenge.


Personal Journey:


MPN: Your quote mentions that writing these songs kept you alive, and recording them set you free. Could you delve deeper into the personal significance of your musical journey and how it has shaped you as an artist and an individual?


VD: I’m happy you asked that because this is the key to this specific musical journey. The urge to communicate showed me the way to share my music and to regain my faith in life.


MPN: In what ways has music been a sanctuary for you, and how does it contribute to your sense of identity and belonging?


VD: Music gives meaning in everything. It never is a background sound; it’s the ground I stand on, even if I’m seemingly standing on a sidewalk of the city I live in, waiting for the traffic lights to get green. It’s an actual place. My homeland.




Upcoming debut album in 2024 via Fucking Your Creation Records & Distro.

“Eye Witness” single released November 25, 2023

Music & Lyrics by Vinca Difformis


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