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Suhnopfer Interview

Ardraos: ” I’m just trying on my humble level to perpetuate deep tones and a musical emulation that rises on the foundations of the 90’s with an own personality, unlike the thousands of clones of the first Nordic groups, or those trying random experiments, which just pull the scene down.”

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JGilbert’s Bandcamp Roundup I

I’ve been gone for a few weeks, but not entirely idle. In the interest of getting some more exposure for Michigan artists and creating a platform for them in my column on Moshpit Nation, I’ve endeavored to do monthly roundups of bandcamp releases for Michigan artists...

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Chrome Waves – A Grief Observed

Its strengths lie in the quality of the recordings and arrangements, and particularly in the amount of time and space given to each song to build and develop ideas to their conclusion

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Aoratos – Gods Without Name

Gods Without Name expresses an ancient darkness, rustic, agrarian, … provincial but horrific. This is an unmistakable motif here, and although it manifests in the music, it is the related material that really sets up that premise.

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Ferum – Vergence

Take no prisoners, no holds barred, realest of the real, capital D for Death, capital M for Metal, Death Metal.

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Ernia – Ernia

Playing death leaning grindcore, the five guys throw a fair amount of weird into the mix. The riffs are outstanding (what’s that? a grind band that knows how to play riffs?)

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Lords of Acid Bring the Kink

 For over 30 years Lords of Acid have been mixing electronic, metal, rock, pop, industrial...hell pretty much every type of music there is together, and giving it their own twist. Sin Quirin(guitarist) told MPN “If you took the soundtrack to every strip joint,...

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Critical Bill Celebrates Diesel’s 6th Anniversary

Critical Bill brought their action-packed stage show to The Diesel Concert Theater in Chesterfield, MI in celebration of Diesel's 6th Anniversary! The Diesel Concert Theater was born in 2013 when they converted the old Premier Club and Diamonds & Spurs room into...

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Amiensus/Oak Pantheon – The Gathering II

This time, each band offers a track to the release, as they did last time, but in addition, they sandwich a collaborative track in the middle. Big picture, this split is everything I’d hoped it would be.

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