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Lords of Acid Bring the Kink

 For over 30 years Lords of Acid have been mixing electronic, metal, rock, pop, industrial...hell pretty much every type of music there is together, and giving it their own twist. Sin Quirin(guitarist) told MPN “If you took the soundtrack to every strip joint, Mardi...

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Critical Bill Celebrates Diesel’s 6th Anniversary

Critical Bill brought their action-packed stage show to The Diesel Concert Theater in Chesterfield, MI in celebration of Diesel's 6th Anniversary! The Diesel Concert Theater was born in 2013 when they converted the old Premier Club and Diamonds & Spurs room into the...

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Amiensus/Oak Pantheon – The Gathering II

This time, each band offers a track to the release, as they did last time, but in addition, they sandwich a collaborative track in the middle. Big picture, this split is everything I’d hoped it would be.

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Green Death – Hallowmass

Band - Green Death Album - Hallowmass Country of Origin - USA Genre - Thrash Metal Release Date - October 19, 2018 Label - Combat Records Author - Hayduke X Sometime in the mid-90's, thrash metal got boring. Either bands started thinking Led Zeppelin was their...

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Front Line Assembly – Wake Up The Coma

Band - Front Line Assembly Album - Wake Up The Coma Country of Origin - Canada Genre - Industrial Release Date - February 8, 2019 Label - Metropolis Records Author - Hayduke X Way back in the mid-90's, I went through a phase where I was really into Industrial music...

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Bane – Esoteric Formulae

Band - Bane Album - Esoteric Formulae Country of Origin - Serbia/Canada Genre - Blackened Death Metal Release Date - November 30, 2018 Label - Black Market Metal Label Author - Hayduke X The three old ladies sat in a rough circle, deep in concentration on the task at...

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1914 – The Blind Leading The Blind

From each pleasant little ditty written to inspire the soldiers in their trenches and loved ones back home, to the thunderous sound of these Ukranian boys bringing the history back before our very ears, this is simply one album that every Metal fan must have, and I cannot emphasise this enough.

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Interview – Void Rot

If you haven’t heard of Void Rot, the psyche consuming MinnDeath project from Minnesota, you’ve probably been living in a cave somewhere.

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