Band – Superfjord

Album – All Will Be Golden

Country of Origin – Finland

Genre – Prog/Psych

Release Date – September 21, 2018

Label – Svart Records

Author – Mannerheim

SUPERFJORD!!!!!! Let’s say that again, shall we. SUPERFJORD!!! The name kind of says it all. Prog/psych supergroup Superfjord completely live up to the name and deliver a dynamic, mind bending experience of groove heavy, percussion laden majesty that rivals the great wonder that is Scandinavians’ world famous fjords.

Doing album reviews means sometimes being bogged down by the mundane. Band after band passes through your speakers that fail to inspire. It can easily leave one feeling as if all ideas have already been done, and now can only be rehashed. Then something like All Will Be Golden gets passed to you and completely redeems your faith in the artistry that the world has to offer if one only looks into the farthest corners and darkest stairwells.

This band of multi instrumentalists make quick work laying down their format. Multi layered percussion, horns, keys, and guitar work throughout the album weaving in and out of the group chant lyrics. The thing I have been digging about bands from Finland are their frivolity.  Finland, remember, is the land of Steve ‘N’ Seagulls, The Red Elvises, and Pharaoh Overlord (see past review). Learning their instruments to the point of virtuosic levels and then not taking themselves too seriously while showing off their chops seems to be the one mainstay of the Finnish music scene, regardless of genre, and Superfjord has this in spades. The first chorus of the album is “Cut and Paste ‘til All is Done” for christ’s sake, and the vocals for No Rest for The Wicked are whispered for the first half of the song. Meanwhile the instruments are TIGHT!!!! Basically this is all a really complicated way for this author to communicate to you that this album is PURE FUN.


Recommendation – Buy it. That simple. Oh, and have fun listening to it.

Rating – 4.5/5