Band – Drunk Motherfuckers

Album – The Drunk Sessions

Country of Origin – Greece

Genre – Acoustic Rock

Release Date – February 28, 2023

Label – FYC Records

Author – Hayduke X


The Drunk Sessions is a re-release of the acoustic EP Drunk and Wasted first released in 2009, plus a never heard before bonus track So Fucking Drunk, a jam track recorded, mixed, and mastered in one drunken night in 2010. This updated release features a complete remastering for all tracks and updated artwork. One of the tracks on the original release is a cover of the Alice in Chains track Would.


Drunk Motherfuckers is one of several projects by Wrath/Father W, also known for Dodsferd, Grab, and more. This project shows him in a quieter, perhaps more vulnerable mood. The band name, song titles, etc. make this seem like all drunken frivolity, but as Father W pointed out when I interviewed him for the project’s prior release, the lyrics are deeper than that. Take the time to listen to the introspection and, at times, moments of hopelessness and draw your own conclusions.


On the original four tracks, Drunk Motherfuckers was Father W. (Alcoholic Poetry, Vocals), Begrimer (Rhythm and Lead Guitars, Bass), and The Great Wise S. (Rhythm and Lead Guitars). On the bonus track, Drunk Motherfuckers was Father W. (Drunk Vocals, Acoustic Guitars) and Manos G. (Lead Guitars and Solos, Bass, Effects, Drums).


The Drunk Sessions is not nearly as heavy as what I normally write about, but the five tracks are still emotionally hefty. Give it a listen for yourself.




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