Band – 1968

Album – Ballads of the Godless

Country of Origin – UK

Genre – Stoner metal

Release Date – July 6, 2018

Label – HeviSike

Author – Mannerheim

Everything one would want to know about their style, influence, and attitude can be found in just their name; 1968. It seems that no less than a clear and total embodiment of the attitude of the earliest of psych/stoner bands will be accepted on the first full length album by this four piece. With songs like Temple of the Acidwolf there is no doubt that these musicians are on a trajectory to leave an indelible mark on rock as a whole.

Raucous grooves, swirling guitar pedals, thunderous chorus riffs, and spaced out keyboard tracks fill this album, keeping the continuity nicely. But this is no ordinary stoner metal fare. They weave both grunge and doom influences throughout the music. This touch makes them stand out from other bands of their ilk, which is a breath of fresh air to know that some of their influences are more contemporary than 1968.

Recommendation – Buy their “Beer Is A Soft Drink” T-shirt. While there, also buy this album.

Rating – 4/5