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MI Metal Shows Update: 9.19.16

Seraphim is playing the Detroit area. Between The Buried and Me and Fallujah are playing MI this week with Devon Townsend Project at The Intersection. Ghost has a new EP., Pink Floyd was more metal than us before metal was even a thing. Nola is released on vinyl and a killer MPN hoodie SALE. Plus… Upcoming Shows, New Releases, Videos and MORE!

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Moonsorrow – Jumalten Aika – Album Review

Jumalten Aika by Moonsorrow evokes a sort of blood drenched imagery. By no means is the album all brutality. In fact, Moonsorrow have created a richly layered tapestry of mythology, harsh beauty, and encompassing darkness.

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Society Kills “The Wolf & The Lamb” Album Review

I was handed one of the very first copies of “The Wolf & The Lamb” from Society Kills and intended to have this written and published a long time ago… Instead, I found myself on a quest for a way to listen to the album. You see, I don’t have a CD player...

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Featured this week: Void Omnia, Scorched, the body, Full of Hell and more!
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Your weekly #heavymetal update comes with a TICKET GIVEAWAY \m/ \m/ Watch the video here: then enter to win on Moshpitnation-mi because you definitely should be at Devin Townsend Project / Between the Buried and Me, Fallujah Saturday at The Intersection ... We will be!!! #Moshpitnation #grandrapids #michigan #metalislife #NewDevinTownsendAlbumIsAmazing #sectionlive is a terrific #topvenue and YOU NEED MORE #METAL IN YOUR LIFE \m/ \m/ ... See MoreSee Less

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******TICKET GIVEAWAY****** Devin Townsend Project / Between the Buried and Me, Fallujah will be at The Intersection on Sat 9/24 and you can WIN TICKETS right here \m/ ........ To enter: 1] LIKE this post (or love it, we understand) 2] COMMENT why you need to be there and 3] SHARE this post with your friends. We'll draw 2 winners by Saturday ....... YOU NEED MORE METAL IN YOUR LIFE... and this is the perfect way to get it. Believe us, you don't want to miss this show. Tix are $25 at the door. See ya Saturday Devin Townsend, Between The Buried And Me and Fallujah \m/ #Moshpitnation #Sectionlive #Heavymetal #michigan #grandrapids #metal #metalislife #wintickets #devintownsend #BTBAM #fallujah ... See MoreSee Less

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