Band – Writhing


Album – Eternalised in Rot


Country of Origin – Australia


Genre – Death Metal


Release Date – July 24, 2020


Label – Black Doomba Records


Author – The Great Mackintosh


So what have we here hey! A little two track effort from Australian Death Metal outfit Writhing is what, and with only two tracks on offer for their first ever release, this thing sure does paint a pretty solid picture of what the band is all about in a very short period of time. In fact, if you go outside for a smoke or happen to need to go to the lavatory, you may well miss most of it, and need to press play again! Does that matter at all? Fuck no! The two tracks on offer here are absolutely superb examples of how to do Death Metal just right, and another sample of just how well things are going in the land Down Under, as far as extreme music goes!


Track one “Void of Derision” starts off just like you would expect many a Death Metal album to, with gigantic riffs and pounding drums and all that. Then the mayhem truly arrives upon thy doorstep when Vocalist Pat James decides to pour a very large bucket of hatred mixed with a dash of spite and possibly some Rhinoceros tonsils upon the listeners head, and it just ramps up from there. The riffery on display here is truly terrifying, and almost hypnotic on both tracks, almost in a kind of Morbid Angel way, with a dash of Necros Christos in there as well. Not necessarily sound wise, but the way they just seem to suck you in to the whole scheme of things the way the aforementioned can, when at their finest. As for the drumming here, well prepare one’s pants to be soiled and thank you very much. This is as good as it gets.


Track two, “Eternalised In Rot,” pretty much flows on from where the first one ends, so much so that if you are not paying attention you may miss where it begins. That matters not one bit though, because more excellence is shoved down your throat with a barbed wire glove for you to enjoy whilst gargling blood all over your carpet. You can trust me on that. These guys have nailed what perfect Death Metal is all about. Enough variety in the pacing of the songs to not bore the listener to death, mixing in all the elements we love most about the genre, with influences worn well, but not standing out above their own particular take on things. Two songs is not enough, and bugger you I want more.


Well then, what more do you need to know! Get some!!


Rating – 4.5/5