Band – Wharflurch

Album – Shitslime

Country of Origin – USA

Genre – Death Doom

Release Date – March 19, 2021

Label – Personal Records

Author – DEATH777!


I’ll just say from the start, I’m definitely a fanboy of Wharflurch. I need to shout out to my main resin stain, Stoned Death, as it was on his recommendation that checked them out! 🤘 


Wharflurch as a name, came from “trying to think ov a name to conjure otherworldly horror in the minds ov humans, but one that doesn’t refer to any existing work ov art or literature.” and I think they achieved that as well as  “Shitslime” being a pretty great name for an EP. As it turns out, a pretty great EP. Four great songs, great total length for an EP and not one second of filler! 


The amount of genres I’ve detected is, well, a bunch. Right out the gate, they start with killer war metal, but it’s off to the races from there. Fucking HEAVY doom, gross death metal, filthy sludge, along with that sweet undernote of war metal creeping and crawling around. Plenty of black as well,, which warms my cold, dead heart. So is that news? Have we heard this genre mixing before? Duh. Of course. Here’s the thing though, the changing of said genres is absolutely seamless. Kinda more than seamless, it all works perfectly. 


The song writing is super kewl. The  genres heard are extra kewl and really fine examples of what each should be, in my opinion, which is world renowned for being the best, so… 🤣 The instrumentation is superb and the production accentuates, very nicely, each instrument, while still feeling dirty rotten in its atmosphere. To top it off, the vocals are fantastic and have a great way of matching each genre twist wonderfully. 


This will surely give me something new at every listen. I really can’t find a single thing to bitch about. I’m on my third listen in a row now. I’ve been looking for a gripe, just so I don’t look like an asshole. I guess I’ll just have to be that. All I can tell you, is I almost never listen to anything back to back. I’m content with three times in a row. If you read this and don’t at least check it out, you might be a turd.


UPDATE: went ahead and listened a fourth time then switched to Dipygus – Bushmeat… I’ll tell yous about that later!





Biography:  DEATH777!, friendly unpretentious metal elitist  🤗🖤🤘