Band – Wailin’ Storms

Album – Rattle

Country of Origin – USA

GenreDirty Psychedelic Blues

Release Date – May 15, 2020

Label – Gilead Media

Author – Penny Howard


Wailin’ Storms is a show machine, and they have made it their primary objective to invest in their craft to where there are no frail connections. What I was hearing in Rattle was straight up dynamic dirty psychedelic blues with an unidentifiable vibe. Their stanzas were exceptional, individual, near and dear and astoundingly unspoiled and educated. I had heard nothing like it in a long time: rough, energetic, profoundly moving, yet subtle, magnificent and significant like a perfect work of art. 


The sounds on the title track are one of the most remarkable gatherings, blending diverse subgenres to make their own one-of-a-kind, extraordinary, solitary sound. They play in a disruptive dynamic style that solidifies parts of surreal music, with a tinge of metal. Tracks like “Crow” and “Teeth” display splendid vocals and refrains, solid guitar work, deep bass playing and agile drum work. They take their music to a place that resembles a nature of focus and control, and gives anyone who is listening a remarkable sense of a band at the pinnacle of enthusiasm and ability. 


This is genuinely a group of incredibly skilled craftsmen and to state they sound like such-and-such doesn’t do them justice. Track four, “Wish”, resembled glancing through a window into the higher prospects of structure and thoughts with a sentiment of rarified character. Their parallel and juxtapositional playing sent my cerebrum falling through trippy-esque fanciful scenes. There was an all-encompassing soul skimming above and plunging through each and every tune. There was an affection found in the traces of their music, a trademark love of and thankfulness for minds that meet on the edge of disclosure. It doesn’t have any kind of effect if you are on this side of the instrument or that. We are generally together in a comparable field of understanding, a comparable field of perception and for no good reason Wailin’ Storms are mischievously extraordinary at being on that side.