Band – Trhä

Album – mã Hèshiva õn dahh Khata trhândlha vand ëfd datnen Aghen Ecíës drhãtdlhan savd 

Country of Origin – USA

Genre – Black Metal

Release Date – August 16th, 2022

Label – Canti Eretici

Author – Jack Shows


Trhä is a project that has held my undivided attention for some time now. With bleak production and ambient seasoned songs, they never fail to leave me impressed.


That being said, mã Hèshiva floored me. The morose guitar riffs, the extravagant transitions, and shrieking vocal performances prove that black metal doesn’t always need to adhere to traditional standards. It just needs to make an artistic statement.


What’s the statement, you ask? Sometimes weird is beautiful. 


This single is indeed strange. With its choices in melody and song structure, it’s definitely a listen for those who are familiar with this project’s work.


Is it worth your time? Absolutely 


Fans of avant garde music in general would hold some sort of an appreciation for this refreshing piece of work.


You traverse back and forth between beauty and hideous despair, leaving you guessing where the next turn will be.


And that’s the exact characteristic that will have me wanting more when all is said and done.