“Why do you listen to that crazy, violent, scary metal music?” The answer is simple: the energy. Music is sound waves, sound waves are energy. Therefore music is energy. But metal music has an energy all its own. There’s nothing like it anywhere. Especially when played live.

There is a connection of energy that happens at a live metal show. The guys (and girls) playing the music are pouring their souls into it. So, the band itself creates energy that is transferred to instruments to create the sound waves. Waves of energy are then blasted to your eardrums through massive speakers permeating your bone marrow and speaking to your soul.

Metal EnergyAnd then you have the energy generated by the crowd when that energy hits them; they erupt into a mass of energy all their own. All the built-up anger and discontent for the world comes out at a concert. The mosh pit, although it may look scary and violent, usually isn’t. Those moshers are just like atoms colliding to form something bigger, grander and more tangible (not unlike the atoms in your own body), taking the energy they receive and releasing it to the world.

Put all that together and the intensity of metal energy is beyond words. That’s a lot of fucking energy.

Metalheads have some of the best energy around. They look at heavy metal as a part of themselves. They don’t just listen to music, they feel it. Ask any one of them and they’ll give you a similar story.

It’s what got me addicted, and keeps me coming back for more, even when I’m older than what most people would consider your typical angst-ridden metalhead. In fact, it wasn’t until I was in my mid-20s that it really hit me. It’s grown to be an energy that is completely interlaced with my soul.

Here’s what I do to harness it: stand in front of the speakers and envision my body absorbing the energy coming from them, produced by instruments, created by artists. Take that energy and send it back out to the crowd. It’s what I call “metal love.”

That amazing energy comes through at local shows too – sometimes. I challenge the local bands reading this to bring more energy to their sets, connect with the crowd and realize that they are operating on another level – a level of communication without words, of connection without touch, of energy beyond what they teach at school.

To find the next big heavy metal concert, visit MoshPitNation.com and come experience some heavy metal energy for yourself. Even if you’re not in the mosh pit, it’s inescapable.