Last month I began looking at how the internet changed metal – not killed it – in a comparison of metal before and after the internet.

Here are some thoughts about the Internet’s role in modern metal, along with input from fellow metalheads.


A New Level

With all of that said, things are still changing. That fluidity is part of the beauty of the internet. We can only guess where it may lead… Some kid today will find the music, learn to play and eventually create a masterpiece that blows their predecessors out of the water.

Or maybe someone will do something completely different with technology. Ian McKinnon has a fantastic idea, “[Maybe the internet will lead to] walking by a music store and downloading your favorite band’s latest concert tshirt right onto the tshirt you’re wearing. How freaking cool is that?”

One thing is for sure. We have only begun to realize our new heavy metal potential thanks to the internet. It may have changed everything, but it is for the better and it was definitely not killed. GO LOSE YOURSELF IN SOME NEW MUSIC!!!