Band – The Drowns

Album – Under Tension

Country of Origin – USA

Genre – Punk

Release Date – Jan. 17, 2020

Label – Pirates Press Records

Author – CeeCee 


I can’t help but to physically join the rhythms The Drowns put out on their sophomore album, Under Tension (2020). I can’t sit still even while I write this review in my local Starbucks. This is how I know this new release is a great punk album. It doesn’t just get your mind thinking with the lyrics, but it gets your body moving with the music…in any environment.


The Drowns are a four-piece band coming out of Seattle, Washington, but are literally taking their punk music worldwide with an upcoming European tour, including a stop at Rebellion Festival this summer. A lot of that is due to the established punk sound that they put out, and that can really be recognized in tracks from Under Tension like Them Rats. 


Them Rats is a classic punk song at 2:55 that has a fantastic pulse and meaningful lyrics. This track is about how society needs to be vocal and supportive about making this a better world. Take a look at this lyric from one of the verses: “If you’ve lost your faith in our humanity just know the truth is in the air we breathe/That breath is the same as the man next to me/It’s time to put into action what we believe”. The quick tempo, fantastically paired music, and Aaron Rev’s powerful and raspy voice (which gives me strong Lee Ving of Fear vibes) make this my favorite track of the album!


If you’re not a fan of raspy vocals, have no fear! Andy Wylie provides lead vocals to a few tracks that are a stark contrast to Rev’s vocals. These tracks have a bit more of a pop-punk feel for me, but I’m not 100% positive that isn’t due to the fact that Wylie’s vocals are in a different key. You can give the track Demons a listen to see what I’m talking about with the difference between the two vocalists. This track is another one of my favorites, that has what I think is one of the best lyrics of the album: “It’s not enough to mask our broken souls in silence/Just speak up/there is no shame in seeking guidance.”


The Drowns are most definitely a band to add to your rotation. I wouldn’t be surprised if you see and hear their name and music more often. They may have only formed a few years ago, but the way they play together tricks you into thinking they’ve been together for decades. You can check out The Drowns and this release Under Tension digitally on Spotify and Apple Music. If you’re looking for a hard copy or digital download you can check out their label.


Biography:  CeeCee just started writing reviews for MoshPitNation. She is new to the music reviewing scene but has been a music lover and connoisseur her entire life. Writing is something that she has been doing on and off the past few years in a personal and professional setting. In everyday life, she works in education & social media marketing while trying to figure out if God looks like Alanis Morrisette or if Alanis Morrisette looks like God.