It was just this last summer at mayhem during Battlecross’ set; I was maybe 3/4 way back in the crowd and wanted to be waaaaaay closer so I thought to myself “Shit! its time to mosh!!”

I’m gettin up front as I push my way to the pit I see a big ass dude with a red Mohawk and I mean he’s at least 2 or 3 times my size an I’m a pretty big guy. Next thing I know this dude’s layin’ on his ass on the cement… but I got in the pit anyway and fucked some shit up.

While I got up to the front for a better spot (without being a dick hahaha) … but WITH the badass chick I came to the show with stuck right behind me the whole time!! By now, Gumby is raising his hand to set up a wall of death during the intro of Flesh and Bone. So now I’m thinking “SHIT SHIT SHIT!!! I ain’t ready for a damn wall of death!!! BUT I can’t puss out in front of this chick”

No sooner do I think this she’s got her arm wrapped me, getting ready for the shit to go down as soon as Gumby’s hand goes down. The song kicked in and the crowd went totally ape-shit. The middle stage turned into an all-out circle pit and I fought my way to the side, tryin to get me and this chick outta the middle of the “the shit”. Just as I finally got to the side after the song was nearly over, I feel my stomach tighten up and blaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!! I barfed everywhere!!!

So, here this girl that just survived a brutal-ass pit, standing there, patting my back and probably thinking how much of a pussy I am.

Later that day, I saw Gumby walking around so I told him I puked during their set. He told me that he saw it and thought it was brutal as fuck.