I was handed one of the very first copies of “The Wolf & The Lamb” from Society Kills and intended to have this written and published a long time ago…

Instead, I found myself on a quest for a way to listen to the album. You see, I don’t have a CD player anymore. The CD drive in my laptop has been broken forever. The speakers in my Jeep are SHIT. And so on.

I found myself carrying this CD on me for a month or so just waiting for opportunities to listen to it. I ended up listening to it in some very odd places, like my parent’s garage and in a little pink karaoke machine.

It turns out…

That’s the perfect way to listen to Society Kills.

It’s the music to blast while fixing a lawnmower in the garage, or when you have a BBQ and you want to play something heavy but don’t want all your non-metalhead friends to leave.

The kids didn’t ask me to turn off my “screaming music”, even moshing around with me to “Break Light Failure“. My friend, the Beyoncé loving, minivan mom didn’t mind it either.

Society Kills is for everyone!

These guys have always had a certain charisma that’s so genuine; you know it’s not just for show!

They are some of the funniest, most creative, and talented guys I have ever met. And if you get more than two of them together, it’s absolute insanity at its best (check out some of their videos to see what I mean).

That charisma comes through on “The Wolf & The Lamb“. Any force in the process of making music is always heard. That’s why people who fiercely love or hate each other make the best music, passion always shows. These guys have a brother-esc mix of both and it comes out METAL!

The Wolf & The Lamb” Mixes punk and thrash metal with pure ROCK AND ROLL, bringing to mind Motorhead and White Zombie. Its arranged to flow really well and is a very well put together release on the local level. Its fun to listen to, like its fun to run into these guys at shows.

Favorite Track

Skeleton Crew
Why: I looked forward to this song playing the most. Feels like 70s hard rock/metal. Its just plain good to the ears.

The Soundtrack for Summer

The Wolf & The Lamb” has a lot to offer as a soundtrack for summer. You will want this album at the beach or on long road trips. It’s universal metal. Party metal.

This album is a party. And everyone loves a party!


Review by GG