Facebook isn’t just for your drama-soaked friends. Ignore the friend requests, unfriend the drama lamas and LIKE your favorite bands instead! One of the reasons that metal bands can make it on their own without as much mainstream support is social media. It is also major factor why heavy metal music sales are still strong.

For metal fans, it puts us one click away from knowing the inside scoop on local and national bands. They’ll let you know when they’re on tour, recording, or have special things going on like contests or sneak-peeks at new songs. Any band in their right mind also has songs on their pages so you can check them out before you spend any money on them.

Lots of individual artists are on Twitter too. You’re more likely to find the band members’ personal accounts there, and not just a social media manager. There are lots of people in Michigan who chat with their favorite rock stars regularly over the Internet. You just may have to also bear news of things like what they ate for dinner. But who doesn’t want to know what Lemmy had for lunch?

Social Media Icons

Gone are the days of buying magazines, or hoping one of your music-junkie friends remembers to cough up news on your favorite bands. Social media lets you on the inside.

For bands, it’s free exposure that was never possible before. Reaching thousands of potential new fans and promoting their music online has helped metal spread like a virus in the technology age.

For music fans, we’re not tied down to what the radio stations feed us anymore. Fantastic music is just a click away online, and a ton of it is right here from Michigan. Check out MoshPitNation.com for some of them, and find more on our Facebook page, Facebook.com/MoshPitNationWestMI.