Band – Sandstorm

Album – Time To Strike

Country of Origin – Canada

Genre – Heavy Metal

Release Date – April 24, 2020

Label – Dying Victims Productions

Author – Penny Howard


Sandstorm gives us vivid, moist, unpropitious, melodic, however offensive, hesitant and yes unquestionably unnerving fate metal. The guitar riffs are very surprising and the main words that strikes a chord is malicious, unadulterated shrewdness. There’s a sure feeling of confined, misinformed wonderment to tunes like “Whips and Chains” and “Denizen of Hell.” The environment is thick and the specialized playing gives the audience some fascinating and inauspicious melody structures to interpret. The bass takes you on an excursion through dynamic demise metal, relieving melodic entries, and bleak severity which truly sticks out.


Sandstorm depends on quick invigorated beats, breakdowns, specialized riffing and a tormenting ambush of vocal harmony destroying. Consolidating different styles of melodic, dynamic metal, every tune they set down makes certain to mangle and squash every single audience, whether it be live in front of an audience, through earphones, in your vehicle or simply lounging around having a brew. A characteristic abhorrent, foul and devilishly choking out climate is the means by which Sandstorm graces the class.


Shrewdly situated and controlled impact beats summarize to a savagely dim and audaciously fierce methodology. The music is both mercilessly crude and intimidatingly intricate as they ground down their structure to its generally ugliest and antiquated pith. Sandstorm conveys hard hitting tracks like “Hymn to the Hell Knights” and grave unnerving representations of life through tracks like “Death is Near.” Combining environmental smooth metal with different classifications of old school to current advanced, evolved, improved metal, the fellas from Vancouver, Canada, carry it to the table, serve it up and jam it down your throat.