Band – Sainte Marie Des Loups

Album – Funérailles De Fue

Country of Origin – France 

Genre – Black Metal

Release Date – November 25th, 2020

Label – Amor Fati Productions

Author – Michael Litteral


Hatred can be a powerful tool to summon some of the greatest black metal. Sainte Marie Des Loups does an incredible job of showcasing how detestation hissing through the dusk can captivate and ravage the soul. This project started as a solo driven entity with a rough and rowdy sound that would rumble your foundation. By the time the inception was upon mankind for their newest album ‘Funérailles de feu’, Sainte Marie Des Loups had transformed into a triad.  


‘Funérailles De Feu’ dawns upon your ears with sounds of uncertainty. Then before you know it, abhorrence is spewed from the band like a forever grudge that will never be resolved. As you continue through the abuse and bludgeoning, one thing becomes apparent. You start to enjoy the assault because this is what black metal sounds like. It’s not necessarily the heaviest music, but it’s intense and blatantly vicious. Speaking of sound, you can hear a raw tone that should be enjoyable to a lot of people. It’s not overbearing by any means, but still comes with a bite. It can be somewhat difficult to find a medium to please the masses, but I truly think this one is a winner. 


The music is overall relentless, but at moments spread throughout this collection of hatred hymns, you can find a rocking tempo, almost punkish at times. If I had to compare it to something I’d say Norway’s Urgehal or a slightly more vicious Sargeist. With all of the different variations of sounds and styles in black metal, I’m glad we always have bands like Sainte Marie Des Loups to continue the nasty onslaught that is intended within the ethos of black metal.


Sainte Marie Des Loups released Funérailles De Fue through Amor Fati Productions on November 26th during the wretched year of 2020. Make sure to give Amor Fati Productions a like/follow to keep up with awesome releases.




Biography:  Michael Litteral is just your friendly neighborhood metalhead who can’t seem to find his way out of the black and he’s just fine with that.