It was a bad ass night for a bad ass show! Filled with great vibes and attitudes everyone engulfed the always comfortable patio area outside El Club Detroit. Located in the famous Detroit Mexican Village District, El Club seems the last place you would expect you would find an old school, hardcore band like the Melvins playing. However the atmosphere was perfect for their second totally SOLD OUT Michigan show that week! They didn’t disappoint, putting on an amazing gig that included newer tunes mixed in with a handful of older stuff that the Melvins fans loved to sing along with!

The Melvins, with three decades of experience as an 80’s punk style band, stems from the state of Washington. They came up with the name from a co-worker of Buzz Osbourne’s (vocalist and guitarist) that people just didn’t quite like being around named Melvin. Buzz and his band mates felt (the) Melvins would in fact turn out to be a legendary name in the scene, and it surely has “given them a name” in the music industry.
The Melvins are out on the road in support of their latest album Pinkus Abortion Technician, hitting towns in the U.S. and Canada. European dates are also starting to pop up for the fall, be sure to check the for updated show dates and more news about this legendary group. 
-Kristen Krash
Photos by Kristen Krash