Band – Living Gate

Album – Deathlust

Country of Origin – US/Belgium

Genre – Death Metal 

Release Date – June 12, 2020

Label –  Relapse Records 

Author –  ThatAstronautGuy


Well, okay 2020. You just go ahead and send everyone home from work so we can get more and more riffs done. If there is one good thing about this year, it’s that we were all able to do that. Write heavy riffs and just release awesome music. At least that’s what Aaron Rieseberg (YOB), Lennart Bossu (Oathbreaker), and Wim Sreppoc (Oathbreaker, Wiegedood) did. Giving us a head throbbing blend of riffs and five spiraling out of control songs that your neighbors will love. 


That is if your neighbor has taste. If they don’t, then turn it up until they do. This is up there with some of the best riffs this year. It’s completely different than their other respective outlets, moving away from the progressive/doom/black elements, and giving us a straightforward death metal record in the vein of Morbid Angel, and Suffocation. 


If that sounds like you can’t believe it, then just listen to 0:57 mark of, “Deathlust” or the opening riff of, “Heaven Ablaze”, completely shredding everything in its path. This is all killer, no filler stuff that, once over, you will definitely hit the restart button. Great playability over and over with just five songs, you’ll be wanting more and more. Really looking forward to more stuff from these guys as they’ve shown time and time again how to write great forward thinking death metal. 




Biography:  ThatAstronautGuy: just a lover of all things music especially if it makes your eyes bleed.