Kamilla Black Friday Show at The Intersection, Show Review - MoshPitNation.comIn a time where band reunions have started to become played out, it’s refreshing to see one doing it for all the right reasons. To come together and support one of their own, and using this platform to raise awareness to help countless others, this of course was the point behind Kamilla’s reunion show. This show also featured such Grand Rapids nostalgic acts as Fred Thompson Trio, The Dead Last, Thunder Chicken and Johnny Logic and The Storied Life.

This evening was as much about remembering the old days and the bands that made us feel like we belonged to something more than a scene. Back when the local scene meant something to a lot of us, and spurned a web of lifelong friendships that are still holding strong. More importantly tonight was a night to come together to help a friend in need, and a friend with a goal. Mike Smith, bass player for Kamilla, had been recently been re diagnosed with stage 3 C melanoma. The money raised from tonight’s benefit went to help start the “Free and Clear Foundation”, which hopes to help those who come to Grand Rapids for melanoma treatments and cover their expenses and provide other living expenses.

Throughout the entire night there was an air of fellowship that hasn’t really been seen since the heyday of most of these bands. It’s this sense of a scene family that can really pull together and make some change happen for the better in our community, and it was evident tonight. It was good to be able to share one more time with close friends, singing old familiar songs knowing that all the proceeds went to a great cause. While it was bittersweet to know that I won’t see any of these bands perform outside of tonight, it was a great to return to a time I hold especially dear, and reflect on friendships that have lasted over a decade. I hope everyone in attendance had as much fun as I did, and realizes that we were a part of change that will affect those who will really need it. For more information on the Free and Clear Foundation follow this link: www.facebook.com/freeandclearfoundation