Band – Impossitor

Album – Another Day, Another Doldrum 

Country of Origin – USA

Genre – Michigan Pop Punk

Release Date – July 2nd, 2021 

Label – Self-released

Author – Serena


Set forth into the world in the midst of a string of hotter than hot Midwest days, Impossitor brings toe-tapping, lazy summer hours right into the comfort of your air-conditioned home and straight to your stereo system. Crafted in little ole Grand Haven, Michigan, those living in the Mitten state can relate to these lazy river rhythms and interstate racing blues. Impossitor is made up of Brian “Woody” Woodward on vocals, and Zach Crouse on guitar and bass. This pair came together… well, remotely… during quarantine to churn out 11 rockin’ tunes.


Another Day, Another Doldrum hits the ground running with the track, “Ramblings,” a fuzzed-out, guitar heavy tune that sets the high-energy tone of the album perfectly. The bass runs along like a car ride through sun-drenched backroads as Woody sings, “There are many reasons why I ramble on about you…” “Safe Passage” beckons you to sway along in your seat. The background vocals, provided by Victoria Stark and Sarah Payne, add an echoed perk to the track. This tune drifts along like the waves drowsily slipping up onto the shore, quickly retreating backward again. The chorus states, “Life’s a gas, but at least it’s fast…” Next track, “Easy,” is a bit of a quicker paced jaunt, but maintains the fun energy of the tunes that came before. Woody’s voice warbles out, “Lovin’ ain’t easy. What ya gonna do? Lovin’ ain’t easy, except with you…” This song blurs by like a summer love – quick, but memorable! The intro to the next track, “Hanging Round,” is just the absolute best. Woody’s lyrics capture the tumultuous feelings that arrive in midsummer; the wondering why’s, the guilt of time lost, the enjoyment of future hopes. He sings, “Yes, I am older, but still just as carefree…” “Again Dear Friends,” is an ode to all those hard-working basement bands. Woody sings, “We were killing time and loving life.” Killing time and loving life – that’s what this album is all about! The riffs are awesome; the vocals make me want to scream along, and the lyrics are painfully relatable. This album rules.


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Recommendation: Daydreams! Lazy days! Parisian vacations! This whole album sounds like a fast-paced summer road trip (complete with all the flat tires and sugary gas station snacks) wrapped up into 11 tunes. Turn it up, drive fast, and roll the windows down!


Rating: 5/5