Band – Ice War

Album – Defender, Destroyer

Country of Origin – Canada

Genre – Heavy/Speed Metal

Release Date – July 21, 2020

Label – Fighter Records

Author – Penny Howard


From the earliest starting point, intentions were to consolidate different styles of music, making something unheard, one of a kind yet engaging. Doomy music with showy, throaty vocals and dark suggestions make Ice War a band with an unquenchable drive to gain what they long for. Major scales, down tuned guitars and mid-to-quick beat tunes make a thoughtful vibe that shares two of the most significant qualities of overwhelming metal: sweet hostility and pulverizing largeness.


The music here is full and barometric with smashing riffs that are dynamic, crude and evil. With a little bit of dramatics, it conveys a feeling of fear that every part carries to the phase with their own character. Ice War pave the way for the clouded side, an expedient specialized and predominant infectious groove that is revealed to you immediately. Their metalcore-based style uses whipped, bad-to-the-bone mentality, which possesses all the necessary qualities on the off chance that you need a sonic blackout.


Put the pedal to the floor  and pound your mind with as many bursting riffs as they can pack into a melody. The vocals feel huge and violent, furious yet engaged including a component of tumult and craziness. The others members have a great specialized capability, unwavering vitality, and invigorating straightforwardness to keep everything moving forward.