Band – Hot Alien Sauce

Album – Seeking Glory

Country of Origin – Italy

GenreStoner / Hard rock

Release DateJune 5, 2020

Label – Volcano Records

Author – Penny Howard


Hot Alien Sauce have endured and developed through a bewildering number of non mainstream rock life cycles. On record, they’ve been raunchy racket fanatics, fluff pop animation characters, test stunt specialists, computerized society pop song of praise slingers, and tripped out paranoiacs.


“Seeking Glory” will be the one where they solidified their potential status as legends. The dauntless oddities have constructed one of the most amazing discographies, as they set out to carry their most out of control thoughts to realization. It’s a lot simpler and essentially all the more exciting to just press play on “Seeking Glory” and let it clear you away.


This collection is both epic and totally ludicrous. Working with sound-bombarding Hot Alien Sauce piped a huge range of instruments and wanton studio craftiness into a style that caused their avant-twee pop melodies to feel really powerful. A lavishly devised, yet hard-hitting, pocket ensemble with a style that exists at the crossing point of chamber-pop and commotion pop and happens with the grandeur and condition of a Broadway creation. They have swung and  had a home run and with “Seeking Glory” their ambitions manifested one of the greatest triumphs in psych-pop stoner hard rock history.