The Heavyweight battle of the Michigan Metal Bands 2014The best local West Michigan bands are out to rock your world, and hopefully get your vote during the Heavyweights at The Intersection in Grand Rapids. The preliminary rounds are Jan. 18, 24 and Feb. 1, with the finals will on Feb. 14.

Who will make the finals? Come out and see; fuck roses – give your girl some METAL for Valentine’s Day for some extra-sweet metal love. m/ <3 m/

Society Kills – Hardcore party metal from Greenville. These guys are fun to watch, serious about their music and like to party. You’ll want to be their friends. They usually wear pants.

All Ends Black – Groove metal inspired by the party that’s moshing in Lansing. In the vein of Pantera, these guys will make your head bang, guaranteed.

Divided They Fall – Post-hardcore from Grand Rapids kids ready to take over the world. Their show has tons of energy and they are definitely ones to watch as they work their way toward the top.

DeverauX – Modern American metal out of Lansing, DeverauX has amassed quite a following over the past few years claiming that they could be the love child of Killswitch, A7X and All That Remains.  

Withhold the Blood – Determined to bring the Heavyweight Title back to Muskegon for the third year, this thrash metal monster is the kind that will tuck you in at night and kiss your forehead before eating you alive.

Templar’s Verdict – Progressive, death-y splendidness of massive proportions from Grand Rapids. These guys could just blow your entire mind, body and spirit.

Equal Parts – Chick-fronted hard rock from Grand Rapids that deserves to be heard. Former members of former local heavyweights Dissonant will throw your ear holes for the loop they need.

Of All We Cherish – Metalcore from Muskegon with a great balance of clean vocals and screams, breakdowns and melodies to keep you wondering what’s going to come next.

Flood the Desert – Stonery, progressive heaviness of epic proportions. Ever wanted Mastodon to be a little heavier? Check out FTD. There’s a reason these guys have taken runner up the past two years. They have their eyes set on a three-peat, but I’m hoping that doesn’t happen and they just win it all this year. They deserve it!! One of my favorite local bands.

Know Lyfe – Nu-metalcore from one of the hardest working bands around. Based in Lansing, but travelling all over Michigan, you may have heard them before. If not, your ears deserve the treat.

Arrhythmia – Metalcore with influences from hardcore and thrash, these youngsters from Greenville blend their young perspectives with old souls to give it all they’ve got. I bet they will surprise you.

Martyr for Madison – Nu-metalcore that springs from old West Michigan bands, these guys have the technical skill, business sense and showmanship that could take the Heavyweights, and your eardrums, by storm.

Seraphim – Post-hardcore from Grand Rapids, Seraphim has made it to the finals of the Heavyweights before. Let’s hope they don’t do a pop-cover song again. No, guys; just, no. This is the Heavyweights.

Lakeshore Drive – Hard rock from Muskegon that speaks to the outlaw biker, and guilty-pleasure rock radio lover inside many of us. They put on a show and a party, and fill your ears with heavy riffs, guitar solos and catchy choruses.

Zombie Supermodel – A band that hates labels, but love beautiful brutality, these ragers from Holland remind me of a heavier Deftones with a little The Dillinger Escape Plan thrown in for seasoning.

A Mosh Down Memory Lane

Let’s not forget all the past winners of the Heavyweights, some of which are still together and rockin’ it (noted with a *). HORNS HIGH TO YOU for keeping MI metal alive and kicking m/ m/

2001: Sadomasochism
2002: Kamilla
2003: Drench
2004: The Dead Last
2005: Two Heded Chan*
2006: 6 Prong Paw*
2007: Shackle Jack
2008: If He Dies He Dies
2009: Kill Tomorrow*
2010: Sin Theorem*
2011: Stone the Manic
2012: Kill Tomorrow*
2013: The Severed Process*

Heavyweights 2014 Battle of the MI Metal Bands