Band – Foes

Album – American Violence

Country of Origin – USA

Genre – Hardcore

Release Date – April 17, 2020

Label – Glacier Recordings

Author – Baker


Chaotic hardcore from Oregon, USA. Don’t mind if I do. Whoa, Foes returns to the metal scene with American Violence, their follow up to their 2019 single, Free of Them. And what a masterpiece it is. Self-recorded in their Doom Room Studios, the production is clearly top notch. For those metalheads not familiar with Foes, think Hatebreed, Pantera, or Lamb of God. Yeah, those are some big shoes, but these guys have it figured out. 


This four member group consists of Garrett Judkins (drums), Sonny Daniels (guitar), Micah Berry (vocals), and Brandon Self (bass). Sort of a “Best of the Northwest” all together in a supergroup. Bringing together their talents from years in the biz, Foes has simplified their sound and recorded their best album to date. Judkin’s drums support the gritty, hardcore guitar work by Daniels and Berry. The icing on the cake is Self’s vocals. Growling through the seven tracks, Self delivers the suffocating, crushing lyrics.


Foes describes this album as an “exercise in futility.” They worked through each track until it was a perfect fit for American Violence. The range of emotion, blood, sweat, and tears is present throughout the EP. If you listen and feel crushed, you’ve gotten the picture. Check out the first released track on YouTube, American Violence. The title track has some deep lyrics, hinting at the war that is growing in our society. 



My main takeaway from American Violence is to keep an open mind and think for yourself. Don’t let your path be chosen by others. Make your own path that fits your personal beliefs. Foes is leading the charge in Oregon. You lead the charge in your hometown.





Recommendation:  Chaotic hardcore indeed! Must add this one to your collection.

Rating:  5/5