Band – Wyrgher

Album – Panspermic Warlords

Country of Origin – Switzerland

Genre – Cosmic Black Metal

Release Date – July 28, 2023

Label – I, Voidhanger Records

Author – Hayduke X


Destroyer of the Promethean Path is the slow-burning journey of one who would eradicate that which was put in place by higher beings, a usurper of the plan of those from afar. For nearly ten minutes, with not a wasted or bloated moment, the sulfurous riffs undulate sinuously through the listeners subconsciousness, a palpable sense of disquiet hovering just out of sight. The Destroyer takes their time, but the consequence is inevitable, marked in finality by the war horns sounding in the last fading seconds of this musical dream of delirium. Press play, then jump below for my full review.

On Panspermic Warlords, Wyrgher tells a dark story, or rather collection of stories, about the theory of Panspermia. This theory suggests that all life came to earth, and anywhere else it exists in the universe, from one common source. There are various hypotheses about how it may have spread from there, but in Wyrgher’s retelling, this life was purposely brought throughout the universe by an alien species as a way of conquering as much of the universe as possible, by sowing their seed. The album explores the darkest aspects of this vision. 


Wyrgher is primarily the work of Menetekel, who is also involved in several other projects as part of the Helvetic Underground Committee. He is joined on this release by Voidgaunt, who ably handles the drumming duties. Everything else is done by Menetekel. Musically, the album goes in wonderfully strange directions, full of restless atmosphere and ominous portents. By and large, the album doesn’t rely on speed, but rather nuance, to present its story. The riffing is often angular to the point of needing a compass and straightedge to construct. The vocals range from raspy growls to spoken word to heavily distorted I’m-not-sure-what, all fitting perfectly with the musical quilt being created. The drumming is equally varied, with unique fills and sections of relentless double bass. 


Destroyer of the Promethean Path is one of the most visual albums I’ve heard in a long time, with the cosmic soundscape created on these seven tracks playing out on a reel of both colors and images. The alien ships from the front cover, reminiscent of brutalist architecture, forge a path ever-forward in my subconscious. This may be the darkest entry I’ve heard in the cosmic black metal subcategory. It is also one of the best. Give in to the Panspermic Warlords!


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