Moshpitnation is proud to present to you the exclusive track stream of Whispers of Madness, which comes from Lost Eternallythe second album by Chalice of Suffering. The US death doom band hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota, a hotbed of some of the best metal in the United States right now. This particular album is due for release on April 19, 2019 by the mighty Transcending Obscurity Records. The track streaming below pain incarnate. There is no hope. All is suffering and sorrow. For this last track on the album, the sextet drag the final dregs of negativity out and bare it for all to see. Click play, and then read my review below.



Featuring 62 minutes of ponderous immensity, Chalice of Suffering suffer no sophomore slump on Lost Eternally. The band has their finger on the pulse of emotional devastation and they lay it at your feet note by note, moment by moment. Spread over seven tracks, Lost Eternally offers up the chalice to you, that you may drink of the pain filling it to overflowing, that you may wash away the last vestiges of false hope. Give in to the sorrow. Attune your psyche to it. Allow it to vibrate the core of your being at its unique frequency. The horrors will sweep over you in a cathartic ebb and flow that leaves you hollowed out and ready for rebirth.

Chalice of Suffering using a somewhat unique tapestry to create their debilitating sound. It all starts with the pitch perfect pacing of the rhythm section. Neal Pruett (bass) and Aaron Lanik (drums) keep things moving, but slowly. The pace is ponderous, but still maintains momentum, a trick too few in this style know how to master. Nikolay Velev also has drums credited to him on the album, in addition to sharing keyboard and guitar duties with Will Maravelas. Emotionally wrought riffs play out atop the ominous keys as both add layers to the horrors. Kevin Murphy adds bagpipes to the mix on In The Mist Of Once Was, a haunting element in that particular track. Vocalist John McGovern leads the way with his growls of despair, but the album also includes a handful or so of guest vocalists.

Drained of hope, Lost Eternally will run you through the ringer. Close your eyes and float into the depths of anguish. You’ll find Chalice of Suffering there.



Pre-order the album from Transcending Obscurity Records.



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