Band – Eremit

Album – Desert of Ghouls

Country of Origin – Germany

Genre – Sludge/Doom Metal

Release Date – July 17, 2020

Label – Transcending Obscurity Records

Author – Hayduke X


Eremit go from strength (2018’s Carrier of Weight) to strength with the release of the two song EP Desert of Ghouls. The German trio take the feel of stoner doom and then ugly it up with some of the heaviest sludge sound this side of Primitive Man. Monolithic, yet with catchy riffs and foot tapping rhythms, the band treads a fine line on the release, pulling off masterfully what sounds like it could have been a yawner on paper. (to me anyway…someone says stoner and I grab my pillow…) Have no fear, the two tracks here are riveting, though it is a bit like being smacked in the gob with a piece of concrete sidewalk. 


The trio is made up of Moritz Fabian on guitar and vocals, Pascal Sommer on guitar, and  Marco Bäcker on drums. Rhythms (formed by the drums certainly, but also rhythm guitar) are on the slow side, but cause mounting tension, instead of coming across as plodding. The riffs are monumental chunks of concrete chucked ever so precisely in the listeners direction. The vocals are the voice of horrid doom calling from beyond.


The EP, in addition to being thick and heavy, has some delicious psychedelic influence – magic mushrooms in the concrete mix and a straw to drink it before it sets. Desert of Ghouls is a no-holds-barred bludgeoning, but boy, will the breaks and bruises ever be interesting. You have been warned.





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