Band – Enox

Album – Sequence (single)

Country of Origin – New Jersey, USA

Genre – Djent/Metalcore

Release Date – May 8, 2020

Label – Independent

Author – Bret Casey


Enox is currently working on their debut album and it is shaping up to be an entertaining experience, and looking at their singles it’s going to cover a very wide range of metal subgenres with djent metalcore as the foundation. Blame Shift (March 19, 2020) dipped into rap metal with a Korn-esque nu metal twist, and Sequence (May 8, 2020) brings in a touch of emo to the mix. With lines like “Waiting for father time to shut our eyelids” you can’t help but feel the eyeliner return.

Jokes aside and full disclosure, my emo phase was short lived compared to my nu metal phase, so Blame Shift is my favorite of the two singles. Sequence is competently written and the lyrics paint a picture of a sci-fi dystopia, while still feeling like a world not all that different from our own. Those djent riffs are a moshers paradise to boot (pun intended).

On May 22, 2018 Enox released the stand alone single Convulsions which has elements of math metal and deathcore. So don’t ask me for predictions on how the rest of the album will sound, but all signs point to it being musically diverse and very competently written.

When I discovered Enox the music pulled me in, but what sealed the deal for me was seeing how they handled themselves in the dreaded comment section. I was highly impressed by the way they handled haters with respect and a touch of humor, a rarity in today’s troll culture. Kindness wins!




Biography:  Bret Casey is a music enthusiast from Maine USA with ties to the death metal and punk communities. When he isn’t reviewing music he’s spending time with his wife and kids or gaming with his friends and family.