Band – Enepsigos

Album – Wrath of Wraths

Country of Origin – Norway

Genre – Black Metal

Release Date – March 27, 2020

LabelOsmose Productions

Author – urinalcakewalk


We have many visual artistic depictions of how the concept of ‘hell’ might appear to the eyes; but have you ever imagined what it might -sound- like? In walks Enepsogos and their cacophony of infernal soundscapes, Wrath of Wraths.


To me, this is a tragic and beautiful representation of that idea. Nightmarish and discordant, abrupt and unforeseen, not unlike the effect of a car crash in your ears. Dramatic and chaotic forces of true evil tearing goodness asunder, like a maw of hot knives.


A piercing apogee of riffs tower over steady and unrelenting drum beats. Rumbling bass quakes the molten ground beneath your feet, giving no impression of stable footing. Tortured and malevolent vocals echo throughout the recording, tempting your sanity to step over the edge into oblivion. By all means, if you loosen your grip only a little while listening to this, it will bring you right into their abysmal world. There is little respect for reason or allowance for understanding in this music. You are at the mercy of their dream, their nightmare. Their Wrath of Wraths.



Biography:  urinalcakewalk began writing reviews for MoshPitNation in February 2020 with no prior experience as a writer. He currently plays bass in 4 local metal bands: Witch Cult, attic, Anterioch, and one yet to be named doom metal project. He is also currently involved in booking/organizing local DIY all-ages shows for extreme music, under a self run banner by the name of: black blood booking.