Band – Instigate

Album – Unheeded Warnings of Decay

Country of Origin – Italy

Genre – Death Metal

Release Date – June 24, 2022

Label – Everlasting Spew Records

Author – Hayduke X


Instigate is back with a new drum playthrough video by new drummer Edoardo Di Santo, also of Ade and more. The sticks blur as he deftly demonstrates his speed, technicality, and creativity behind the kit, providing a portent of great things down the road for this relatively new Italian quintet. Check it out, then drop below the video for a belated review of the full album.

Relentless power roars forward throughout Unheeded Warnings of Decay, like a tsunami headed toward shore, with equal measures of imminent destruction. Currents of swarming riffs pull the listener into the blackest deep with their vicious undertow. Waves of crushing bass crash over us, as the percussive debris hammers our exposed flesh. The rasping growls float across the surface like rugged shark skin, abrading all that they rub against.


Formed in 2019, with only an EP and two singles preceding this full length, Instigate seem to have burst onto the scene fully formed, sounding like a much more veteran band. Having veteran musicians on board certainly helps, but Instigate seem to have developed an immediate, if utterly savage, chemistry. While writing this album, the band included Riccardo Rogari (bass, songwriting), Stefano Rossi Ciucci (guitar, songwriting, layout) and Stefano Borciani (lyrics, vocals). Francesco Paoli served as a session drummer for the album. Since then, according to Metal Archives, Edoardo Di Santo has joined on drums and Marco Mastrobuono has joined as a second guitarist. I’m excited to see how they round out the sound on the next album.


Everlasting Spew Records knows death metal and they’ve found another gem here. Instigate is fairly brutal, without moving the brutality into boring. There are interesting rhythms, creative drumming, earworm riffs, and a varied vocal attack. Too many death metal bands blur together into a bludgeoning mass. Instigate is already showing that they can stand apart. Get in on the ground floor.



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