I don’t really know what to call the genre that BoneHawk falls into.

Stoner Rock? Riff Rock? Groove Metal? Retro Rock? Heavy Rock? Soul Metal? Doom Rock? Who the hell knows… and furthermore, I don’t really care (shhh don’t tell the elitists). I’ve never had much use for genres, I just listen to music. If it moves me and makes me want to hear it again… I dig it.

No need to put it in a box. It’s that simple. In the last few years, the BoneHawk genre (whatever damn genre it is) has really hooked me and I was stoked to sit down and give “Albino Rhino” a few good listens.

A Little Backstory…

Albino Rhino” was originally released October 2014 selling out two pressings of vinyl through BoneHawk’s own label, Hornacious Wax Records. This 2016 release is the first official release of the album on compact disc through California-based Ripple Music.

Friday, April 29th at Bell’s Eccentric Cafe, BoneHawk will be releasing the first run of CDs, as well as the third pressing of vinyl of “Albino Rhino”. BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! They will also have “Southbound – A Tribute to Thin Lizzy” available on 7-inch vinyl for the very first time.

Are you confused yet? It’s okay, just listen to the music, forget the logistics.

Does “Albino Rhino” please the ears?

The heavy, yet funky, psychedelic riffs blend, then duel, only to blend again. Deep, easy and clear with a little pull of distortion; the vocals bring to mind a Pepper Kennan kind of sound and the drums set a relaxed groovy tempo.

But the real grit of BoneHawk is in the sweet, sweet bass licks. Staying just low and spellbinding enough to keep it all working together all smooth like. Melting together beautifully to make you want to dance and head bang simultaneously.

I would say YES, yes “Albino Rhino” is pleasing to the ears and well worth getting both on CD and vinyl.

Favorite Track

Why: Sounds like The Sword and Corrosion of Conformity had a bastard lovechild. I had the bass lines stuck in my head forever.

Release Show

Friday 4/29 – BoneHawk “Albino Rhino” Record Release wsg Bison Machine & Old Black at Bell’s Eccentric Cafe
21+ // Doors 8 PM// Show 9 PM// Free Cover

Buy “Albino Rhino”

The Future for Bonehawk

Keep Your eyes and ears out for a split LP BoneHawk has in the works with Sweden’s Kingnomad, set for release on limited vinyl through Ripple Music in June.


Review by GG