Band – Bleed The Water

Album – One More Trip Around The Sun

Country of Origin – United States


Release Date – April 1, 2020

Label – Honyock Records

Author – Penny Howard



The music that comes from Bleed The Water isn’t the exhausting generalizations of the same old thing instead they bring something all the more fascinating, inventive, and even somewhat special. Their ground-breaking combination of melodic and elective metal are brimming with sweet, phenomenal riffs that will truly fulfill one’s hunger for genuine music as they shift back and forth between these styles more than once. “Catch A Glimpse,” “One last Time,” and “Violence” are melodies that differentiate them from the pack. They walk to the beat of their own war drums, and have manufactured a particular name for themselves dependent on these activities and they are completely okay with leaving it that way.


In the event that melodic and elective metal  ever required a clarification, Bleed The Water would be the very meaning of it. They are a jewel and they play with energy conveying a fiery presentation that completely revels the listener making them ready to push past what could be considered inside the domain of solace. The clearness in their sound is generally amazing and the anger is completely courageous in reason. They are a vehicle of mental expulsion, and the sounds created around them are intended to mirror this.