Band – Black Falcon

Album – Ego Mortem Machina

Country of Origin – UK

Genre – Heavy/Stoner Rock

Release Date – May 26, 2020

Label – Morning Star Heathens Music Group

Author – Penny Howard


The creation, the vitality, the conveyance, the mind-set, everything works completely here when these folks get together. Forceful, overwhelming, rough, crude and enthusiastic its hard not to adore everything that Black Falcon does. The slower parts they set down develop this pressure for the explosive tones that originate from every part. From the dull and delayed to quick and forceful, rich and charming tracks like “Again Again” and “Credit to Play” place them better than the rest.


Rugged, wounding, and wonderful, Black Falcon can really groove with all the purification and vitality that really implies something. They have genuine creative minds and force both resonant and threatening, yet intriguing in all the manners in which they present themselves. Grueling riffs that cause you to pay attention and verses that crawl through your faculties like some inconspicuous spider until it sinks its poisonous fangs profoundly into your skin. Watch out for dark places and don’t underestimate the cobwebs.