Band – Aversio Humanitatis

Album – Behold The Silent Dwellers

Country of Origin – Spain

Genre – Black Metal

Release Date – June 17, 2020

Label – Debemur Morti Productions/Sentient Ruin Laboratories

Author – Michael Litteral


Every now and then when I get sent an album to check out for a review, I immediately become attached to it. It becomes extremely difficult to put my thoughts and feelings into words in order to express how I feel about said record. The newest offering from Aversio Humanitatis, which is entitled Behold The Dwellers, is that album and it will whip you up in to a whirlwind of confusion and transformation. Aversio Humanitatis is a band from Madrid, Spain, and they have been destroying the scene since 2010. Coming in hot to celebrate a decade of evolving and growing, we have reach a point of maturity and perfection, as Behold The Silent Dwellers is nothing short of a masterpiece. 


Behold The Silent Dwellers continues the evolution of Aversio Humanitis, as we got a taste on their 2017 release, Longing For The Untold. Dissonance with layers of ambience that is only created by the collection of everyone’s instrumental/vocal input. I specifically chose a whirlwind to describe this release, because just like a whirlwind. It’s mysterious as much as it is powerful and full of rage and energy. It’s energy is free of form, but at the same time a channeled force of fury. The music is massive in sound and the formula used to create such atmosphere and misty aura uses all inputs somewhat equally. Imagine the Power Ranger suit, you can’t have the Alpha 5 without everyone. The vocals to layer on top of all of this makes it an album that clicks almost right away, as it doesn’t give you time to warm up to the storm. It comes right out of the floodgates and continue it’s fury and rampant ways, until the storm settles out and you’re done with the ride.


The zen that is found in the psychedelic and disorienting passages will help you break through to the other side. One thing that is beautiful about this finished product is the vocals showing signs of being human, but also letting go and changing into something that was searched for. Don’t think for a second that the journey this album puts you on doesn’t have a planned destination. Darkness is something that shouldn’t be handled lightly, it comes to devour and if you’re not careful it will consume you, even if you were just trying to sample it. In the midst of this release you will find yourself breaking in spirit and wanting to give yourself to the force that is behind the music. Become cautious, because once the light is gone you will be a part of the master scheme, willingly or not. It’s power is well sought after, but does such transformation come without consequence? One will find out once you are finally at your state of nirvana. Give in, but know that this isn’t for the faint of heart. Trust that the transformation is for the better. 


Behold The Silent Dwellers was released on June 17th, 2020 through Debemur Morti Productions.  (and limited edition cassette through Sentient Ruin Laboratories) Make sure to give both the band and labels a like/follow/subscribe. I’m honored to have had the privilege to review this album. Keep up the good work, both band and label.




Biography:  Michael Litteral is just your friendly neighborhood metalhead who can’t seem to find his way out of the black and he’s just fine with that.