Band – Abstract The Light

Album – Magna Sapientia Quaerere – To The Depths Of Thy Soul

Country of Origin – Australia

Genre – Black Metal

Release Date – October 31st, 2020

Label – Talheim Records

Author – Michael Litteral


Abstract The Light is a hidden gem who weaves their witchcraft in Adelaide, South Australia. The band has only been its own entity for five years, and for them to release something like ‘Magna Sapientia Quaerere…’ is quite amazing and something special that should pass the test of time. Abstract The Light brings their own brand of avant garde black metal with elements of folk and doom being carefully formulated into their sound. With a debut full length album like ‘Magna Sapientia Quaerere…’, they have set the bar high for their continued journey into the depths of thy soul.


‘Manga Sapientia Quaerere…’ clocks in at an impressive 72 minutes, and the journey is anything but tiresome and redundant. Which is saying a lot because most albums that reach over an hour have a hard time keeping the listener’s attention for the whole duration of the journey. In this span of time you will experience the highs and lows that are expected with an album title that includes ‘To The Depths Of Thy Soul’. With plenty of variety in every aspect of their collective sound, you’ll find yourself claiming favorite parts of the music scattered throughout. The production quality of the music is so tight that it exquisitely showcases every little touch and detail that was put into this release. Sometimes shreddy, sometimes proggy, sometimes classically influenced, The guitarist made sure to bring out all of his weapons out of the artillery. I really like the ambitious style that was shown on this album by setting the bar high from the get go. Always hinting at if you think this is good, just wait till the chemistry and the bond of the band grows stronger. With such different melodies and rhythms intertwining to make such gorgeous art, you need someone behind the kit that is anything but a one trick pony. And yet again, the band delivers with excellent drum patterns and supporting attributes that help stitch this all together to give us what we have today. As much as all of the inputs shine, I would have to say vocally we have exactly what we need to sell the pitch of this journey to the depths of thy soul. Cleans, lows, and high are scattered everywhere with plenty of combinations and layers to really tell the story and inner passion of what these guys have worked so hard to portray. This is a record that might take a couple of listens to fully digest, but once you break through the threshold you will finally be set free to feel and believe brilliance at its finest.


‘Magna Sapientia Quaerere – To The Depths Of Thy Soul’ was released under the full moon of Halloween, October 31st, 2020 by the label Talheim Records. You can pick up physical copies from the label or the band’s very own Bandcamp. Make sure to give the band and label a like/follow/subscribe and remember this band’s name because this will not be the last time you hear about these guys.



Biography:  Michael Litteral is just your friendly neighborhood metalhead who can’t seem to find his way out of the black and he’s just fine with that.