fuck more bitch less

How do you want to metal before you die? I asked a bunch of metalheads that question and got awesome answers. The process also made me realize there is a difference between a bucket list and a pipe dream.

A bucket list is things you can actually do. Things that are feasible.

A pipe dream is heavy metal fantasy. We’re gonna skip those because who wouldn’t want to go to Medieval Times with Lemmy, Wino, Buzzo and King Diamond? But let’s get real, Jeremy…

The List

  • Go on a full tour with your favorite band
  • Go to any show at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver, CO.
  • See any show in an outdoor amphitheater in Australia
  • See Maiden at a stadium in South America
  • Hang in the studio while a band records an album
  • Do a shot with Lemmy (even if it’s just apple juice)
  • Get drunk with or smoke with (insert rock god name here)
  • Go to a European metal fest. Possibilities: Wacken Open Air and Download
  • Throw your own metal fest
  • Go to Maryland Deathfest
  • Go to ProgPower in Atlanta, GA
  • Go to Housecore Horror Film Festival in San Antonio, TX
  • Start a metal record label
  • Heavy metal cruise – 70K of metal anyone?
  • Be a monster and/or victim in a Rob Zombie movie
  • Get punched in the face by Glenn Danzig
  • Get fed to the world maggot by GWAR
  • Become Henry Rollins’ pen pal (and/or his pal)

I wonder how many things Wayne Static checked off his bucket list. R.I.P Wayne \m/ \m/

How many have you crossed off the list already? What would you add? Find us on Facebook and let us know! Find all your full concert updates, MoshPitNation merch, reviews, and much much more at MoshPitNation.com