Back on April 9th (sorry for the long delay), I went to Elevation to see the current Knocked Loose tour. Here are five thoughts on the evening.

Number 1:  NY hardcore band sanction took the stage first. They played a really tight, if somewhat standard set. Good energy led to them starting the pit off early, though I was up watching from the wings, in order to save my energy for later. The band ripped through a handful of songs. I’m not familiar enough to know what they played, but they moved the crowd. All in all, their set was solid. Check them out if this style is your thing.

Number 2:  Higher Power was next, an English band that really impressed me. They had a slightly more crossover sound at times, which is generationally more my style. They were also a lot of fun, bouncing around the stage, joking with the crowd, and again, getting the crowd moving. I clicked like on their Facebook page midway through their set and will have to keep my eye on them.

Number 3: Harm’s Way took the stage third. And then they blew it up. I have found some of their album material to drag a bit for me, but seeing them live for the first time was a revelation. They sounded aggressive and tight and the crowd responded in a big way. Their set was one of the best I’ve seen this year. Should you have the opportunity, make sure to catch these guys live. You won’t be disappointed. Unfortunately, in the final seconds of the final song, my nose was a little bit knocked loose in the pit (see what I did there?) and I ended up having to leave early for the night. It just wouldn’t stop bleeding. That dude that a bunch of you saw with blood streaming down his face on the way back to the men’s room? Yup, that was me. No permanent damage done, but I guess that’s what I get for putting myself in harm’s way (see what I did there…again?)

Number 4: The pit. I think it’s well established that I love moshpits. By my calculation, I’ve been hanging out in pits for about 26 years. I’m admittedly more of an old school circle pit guy, but I did my best to play by the pit rules at this show. I had a ton of fun and actually less contact than I’m used to. From what I saw, the style is more violent, but also more solitary. Contact seems to be more accidental and incidental. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed myself for all except about three seconds of the pit.

Number 5:  The venue. Elevation is the newest of the rooms at The Intersection, for decades a strong supporter of heavy music in west Michigan and always worthy of your support. As the newest member of the family, this particular room still has that clean and new sparkle to it. The staff is professional. Security takes their job seriously, if sometimes a bit over zealously. To be honest, I’d rather have that than have a brawl break out, which I’ve seen elsewhere in the past. Keep up the good work!