Urban dictionary’s definition of Wall of Death:
Lamb of God’s “Black Label” begins.
Crowd Divides.
Musical tension heightens.
40 seconds in, Randy screams.
The wall of death begins.
Everybody screams.
Bodies hurl themselves at each other.
Bodies fall together.

Ahhhh… but.. why?

There are energies of things inside that need to come out, bumping around, crashing and hiding in the the corners. That need leads here. The drums will start to pound with the pulse of the pressure, faintly at first, deafening later. 1,000 bodies have been fighting, scratching, and clawing their way like beasts for their place all night, now collectively stop, begin to separate, dividing down the middle to each sides. The music is no longer just beating with the pressure, it is the soundtrack of it. Controlling it, manipulating it into a perfect shape until it sits just outside of the chest. Breath matching the beat. Then there is a moment of noise so loud that nothing is really heard, the moment the beat meets the very pinnacle with the screams of the mass of bodies hurling themselves toward one another. A blast beat sounds a final war cry, and the room meets into a brutal pit of raw physical, mental, and musical energy. Its possible all that will be needed for relief is to simply remain on the edges to lay witness to the chaos around to remove the chaos inside. For others somethings has to be left: blood, sweat, maybe tears. The aftermath of wounds and bruises lasting days or weeks, and for a lucky few: forever. The scar a physical way to see the change. And true change has to be seen.