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Tuesday The Sky – Drift

Band – Tuesday the Sky

Album – Drift

Country of Origin – USA

Genre – Progressive Rock

Release Date – June 30, 2017 (Europe)

Label – InsideOut Music

Author – BingGan

Fans of modern prog’s Fates Warning will want to note the release of Drift, a side project of the band’s guitarist Jim Matheos released under the name “Tuesday the Sky.” Matheos sought to expand on the artistic direction of more understated and atmospheric music once recorded for a Fates Warning album but deemed incompatible with the band’s heavier, more aggressive approach. Thus we have Drift, ten songs dominated by Matheos’ guitar work that echoes, chimes, swirls, and soars, but rarely growls. Rhythms are spare and atmospheric, and the only human voice appears via the nonverbal oohs and aahs of guest Anna Lynne Williams.

As atmospheric pieces, the songs on Drift certainly set a mood (definitely that of “drift”-ing) but repetition and lack of melody cast the material more as decent film soundtrack music than anything more engaging. Matheos no doubt strove to stretch out musically, and there are some very pleasing arrangements, but in the end, perhaps, only die-hard “completist” fans of Fates Warning may care to seek out this release.

Rating:  3/5